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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Cortondo Gym Guide: List of Pokémon, how to beat Katy, and rewards

Beat and earn rewards

The Pokémon Company launched the latest 9th generation Pokémon game which is Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Like other Pokémon games, Scarlet and Violet also feature gym leaders, whom the players need to fight and win. Katy, the bug-type gym leader of Cortondo is going to be the first gym leader to face as a part of the walkthrough. Additionally, before battling with Katy, players must also complete the Cortondo gym test. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide about the Cortondo gym, its rewards, and also gym tests.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Cortondo gym test: Olive Roll Challenge

Before fighting with the gym leader, players must complete the gym test, Olive Roll Challenge. In the gym test, you have to roll the olive ball starting from one end of the field to the end goal on the other side of the field. The goal is located on the other end of the field so you have to get through the fences and obstacles to clear the gym test.

Gym test steps

  • First talk to the Gym staff about the challenge to start.
  • Then, you have to go out of the gym and head to the northwest and look for the field covered with fences.
  • Speak to the staff to begin the challenge. The staff will explain all the necessary details about the gym test.
  • Then start your challenge of rolling the giant olive egg to the other end of the field dodging the fences to the endpoint of the field.

Tips to complete the Olive Roll challenge

1. Rolling the olive egg through ramps

You can push the egg across the ramps to get to your goal faster. It will save you more time. You are free to unfollow the original route which is extremely time-saving.

pokemon scarlet and violet olive roll challenge
Image via Game Freak

2. Battle trainers to get shortcuts

There will be trainers waiting near the shortcut routes. If you want to choose the shortcut routes, then you have to defeat them. It is up to you whether you will battle or not. If you think, your team needs more training you can opt for the battle and earn experience points or else go for the longer route.

After successfully finishing the gym test, players will move to fight the gym leader.

Katy’s Pokémon and type

PokémonTypeSpecial Move
Nymble (Lv. 14)BugDouble Kick Struggle Bug
Tarountula (Lv. 14)BugAssurance Bug Bite
Teddiursa (Lv. 15)Bug / Normal Fury Cutter Fury Swipes

How to beat Katy in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

1. Level your Pokémon up to 16 or over

It is recommended to remember one thing is that, you will not face any powerful attacks that will faint your Pokémon. To get a better chance of winning, keep or raise the level of your Pokémon up to 16 or higher and do this process for the Pokémon who are strong against bug-type Pokémon.

pokemon scarlet and violet cortondo gym leader katy
Image via Game Freak

2. Terastallize at the Start of the Battle

When you fight against the gym leaders, players often terastallize their Pokémon at the start of the gym battle. It is recommended to opt for the flying and fire-type Pokémon because they are strong against bug-type Pokémon. So, it will increase your winning chances.

Rewards after winning at Cortondo Gym

Bug BadgeThe Pokémon you caught, of level 25 or above will not disobey your commands in the battle. Pokémon of level 25 will be easier to catch.
TM021 Pounce

Best team composition to beat Katy in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

PokémonTypeRecommended Move
Fletchling (Lv. 14)Flying /
Peck (default move)
Ember (learns at Lv. 10) 
Quick Attack (default move)
Growl (default move)
Fuecoco (Lv. 15)FireIncinerate (learns at Lv. 15)
Bite (learns at Lv. 12)
Round (learns at Lv. 7)
Leer (default move)
Paldean Wooper (Lv. 16)Ground / PoisonSlam (learns at Lv. 16)
Toxic Spikes (learns at Lv. 12)
Poison Tail (learns at Lv. 8)
Mud Shot (default move)

What are your thoughts on our guide of beating Cortondo gym leader Katy? Let us know in the comments below!

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