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Trifox review: A fever dreamland to explore

Return to the golden age of 3d platformers

Trifox is an action-adventure platformer, developed by Glowfish interactive. With a small team and a modest budget, the devs at Glowfish Interactive have done something incredible here. Playing Trifox really takes you back to the golden age of 3D platforming. Other than a minor issue the game wins my praises through its sincerity of acknowledging what it is and trying to be the best in its own way, as you’ll get to know through this Trifox review.

The charm of a phenomenal fox with many talents

The art style is the heart and soul of this game, as it differentiates itself from most of its contemporaries. The colorful visuals topped with creative as well as goofy character design make for an entertaining experience.

The characters are over the top and whacky, the main bosses always have a caricaturish tone of laughter and the news reporters’ coverage after you finish every level, really fits into the theme and never strays away from being faithful. The unique visuals and enjoyable soundtrack stick with you even after the game is finished and it’ll feel almost like a fever dream you never had.

Trifox review, Trifox game, Trifox gameplay
Image via Big Sugar

As I mentioned the art style is phenomenal but the way characters move during short cutscenes and scripted segments has a jank to it. During the action, however, the animation is as fluid as you like.

The play style of Trifox is on par with the art style

Trifox is not just a looker, when you dive into this game it may surprise you with its depth. Initially, the game slowly introduces you to the three unique playstyles the engineer, the warrior, and the maze, but as the game progresses you get introduced to their higher-level skills.

As soon as you reach the hub world Trifox all of a sudden becomes more and more interesting on a mechanical level as the game offers three different skill trees(or pyramids) with abilities on movement, combat, and crowd control, and lets you mix and match at your will. You can equip and combine whichever skills you want from whichever playstyle after you unlock it.

Trifox review, Trifox game, Trifox gameplay
Image via Big Sugar

A deliciously baked dish presented beautifully

The presentation and structure of an action-adventure game play a huge role in the final experience of a game. Luckily Trifox shines in this regard as well, the levels and sub-areas are pretty well-defined as you may find out in a detailed manner in our beginner’s guide.

Presentation aside the game runs pretty flawlessly and I didn’t experience any bugs on my playthrough in fact it feels well-polished which is indicative of the ample amount of time the game spent in the oven.

Even the puzzles are very well thought out and give you just enough different options for completion that it feels very satisfying when you pull it off.

Trifox review, Trifox game, Trifox gameplay
Image via Big Sugar

The sub-par narrative thread slows it down a bit

Narratives in these 3d platformer style games usually play a very minor role, the only task handed to narratives in these games is just to get you up and running. However, in this case, it isn’t competent enough to do that either. I want to further emphasize the fact that it’s a very minor issue and it won’t ever bother you if you aren’t a story geek.

This entirety of Trifox is without dialogue, but not without some witty moments which sometimes will catch you off-guard and sometimes won’t land enough to demand a chuckle.


As suggested in this Trifox review, if you’re into 3d platformers this one might just scratch the itch and also bring some action to the mix. This is truly an indie gem and if you give it the time it will definitely value your time. After nearly 10 hours with this game, I can recommend this game to you if the art style and experimental gameplay look attractive to you.

Trifox review by Daily Meta Dose

Art style - 8.5
Gameplay Mechanics - 9
Game optimization - 8.5
Narrative thread - 6
Sound design - 8
Value for money - 8


Trifox has a unique art style that is oozing with personality and colors. If you are into 3D platformers, this might just be the jam for you.

Hope this review helps you to decide if Trifox is the game for you, Let us know in the comment section!

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