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Unofficial Grounded mobile game launches as Micro Survivor

get to live through what you always imagined in your head

A new android Survival game named ‘Micro Survivor‘ launches in Google Play Store which surprisingly looks very similar to Obsidan Entertainment‘s Grounded. This Grounded-like mobile game is developed and published by Altenburg Rachel. The new strategy game is based on the idea of a human surviving as a miniature creature alongside other bugs and insects in long grass fields. Players will have to thoroughly strategize their every next step when playing the game.

The game includes surviving vicious attacks from spiders and other giant creatures, building shelters, gathering food, completing daily tasks, etc. The game is more mission-focused rather than a full-fledged open-world game. As the game is still in its early stages, it might take in more open-world elements in the near future.

Adventure through the wild and live the life of an ant

A secret experiment is taking place in a local laboratory where scientists are testing their invention when suddenly, an accident happens, resulting in the game’s main characters turning into miniature creatures. After choosing a character, the game starts with the main character waking up to this bizarre unknown world and figuring out what’s happening around them.

micro survivor gameplay
Image via Altenburg Rachel

The game leads the character with illuminated steps to its next tasks. Players will have to complete the tasks by following the directions. Players in this game will survive attacks, find and befriend other survivors, collects useful objects, pet smaller animals, etc. Players will have to search and collect crafting materials from their surroundings and store them in the inventory. Using the materials collected, players will craft necessary utensils and facilities.

Players in this game will gain EXP performing tasks and crafting facilities and eventually level up in the game’s rank system named Prosperity Level.

Micro Survivor is currently available for download in Google Play Store in the selected regions.

What are your thoughts on the new Grounded-like mobile game Micro Survivor? Let us know in the comments!

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