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MOCO is Supercell’s upcoming monster hunting title entering beta testing soon

New Supercell title arriving soon!

Supercell announces its latest mobile game MOCO, written as MO.CO, is aiming to enter a round of beta testing for Android in the United States starting at the end of October 2023. While the details are very limited at this moment, MOCO looks like a vibrant RPG title with multiplayer functionalities.

MO.CO is Supercell’s take on the fun monster hunting activity

From the brief teaser Supercell shared, it seems like the players will have the option to choose their characters and get into the dungeons. The characters will come with special weapons and with their unique abilities.

moco game, moco by supercell, moco
Image via Supercell

There is also a high chance that there will be multiplayer activities, very similar to Brawl Stars. You can also probably co-op with your friends to take down bosses, giants, and similar things.

There’s no doubt that the games that allow hunting monsters are loved by the community. However, this time it is something new from Supercell and their first try to provide an experience like this to gamers like us. The massively popular Monster Hunter IP never arrived on mobile properly, so why not Supercell take this place? There’s always an opportunity.

How to play beta

For now, the beta for has been announced for Android in the United States and it will arrive in late October. There is no specific dates. iOS release has not been mentioned either. So we’ll need to wait for further clarification from Supercell to get to know details about beta. You can sign up and stay updated by checking the official website.

What are your thoughts on Supercell’s new title moco and its upcoming beta? Let us know in the comments below!

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