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Square Enix’s next game Forspoken to have controversial Denuvo in it

More trouble to the already troubled game

Forspoken,’ Square Enix’s upcoming game, is set to have the infamous Anti-tamper system Denuvo DRM incorporated in it. Forspoken, the RPG, which started out as a project with immense potential, has been picking backlashes from fans one after another. The release of the game’s demo made many fans feel skeptical about preordering as the game’s world felt dead to them, and many complained about its mundane dialogues. While many fans have also praised its gameplay and combat mechanics.

Failing to appeal to the fans, Square Enix’s recent doing is set to displease their fans once again. Square Enix released a new cinematic trailer for Forspoken yesterday, and with it, they also updated their steam page, mentioning Denuvo DRM’s inclusion in the game.

What does it mean to have Denuvo DRM in Forspoken

Denuvo DRM(digital rights management) is an anti-tamper system that prevents players from making any unauthorized alteration to games, meaning tampering or copying game files. It prevents players from inducing any cheating elements in the game. While at first, it may sound like a blessing to any game, in the case of Denuvo, it has been a complete nuisance for gamers.

Denuvo logo
Image via Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH

Denuvo’s invasive behavior has induced in gamers immense hatred towards it. The system has been subjected to innumerable controversies and accusations, most familiarly about its role in the degradation of game performances and invasion of privacy. Denuvo has been the sole cause of major frame drops in many games, even to the point where the devs had to curb the system out of the game.

And the most popular incident would be its role in the immense performance degradation of Shadow of the Tomb Raider and how its removal increased the frame rate up to 30 fps. It was also proven when the system was removed from Tekken 7, and the reason stated was that it had caused the frame drops in the game.

Nonetheless, this system is a necessary evil, and developers will continue to use it in their games. It’s been thought that the devs of Forspoken might use it for a temporary solution and remove it within a few months of the game’s release. Whether the system is removed or not, we can just hope it does not affect the gameplay of the already troubled game. The game is set to release on the 24th of January.

What are your thoughts about the inclusion of Denuvo DRM in Forspoken? Let us know in the comments below!

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