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Starfield Guide: How to get a Free Ship, House, Legendary Gear, and more

Get some of the best gear in the game for free!

The Video Gaming community has been blessed with a couple of great releases recently and one of them is definitely Starfield. From the makers of some of the greatest series ever released, Elder Scroll and Fallout, Bethesda does a great job in providing the same open world filled with interesting NPCs, missions, and locations however this time in Space. Starfield is an explorer’s dream as they can find answers hidden across the universe, however having the necessary equipment and gear is extremely important to succeed in Starfield. In this Starfield guide, we will list down all the major free items you can get and explain how you can get a Free Ship, House, and Legendary Gear in the game.

How to get the Free Ship in Starfield

The game, Starfield has a lot of ships and a couple of them are free, however, the best free ship that the players can get early on in the game will definitely be the Star Eagle. Now there are plenty of ships in the game that boast of similar or better stats than the ship has, so some may ask what makes it the best available one. The answer is the class of the ship. Star Eagle is a class A ship and hence it is a game-changer. The ship competes with Class B, and even some C ships in terms of statistics while being just a Class A ship.

Starfield Guide, Starfield, Starfield free ship
Image via Bethesda

Now for players confused, the Class of ship defines the pilot expertise needed to fly the ship, with Class A being the beginner and Class C being the expert. Being a Class A ship allows every player to be eligible to fly Star-Eagle. The space is a lonely place hence more company, merrier the journey, with a max crew size of 7 Star-Eagle allows players to have more companions on board to accompany them in their great ventures.

Starfield Guide, Starfield
Image via Bethesda

The coveted ship is the final reward from the ranger storyline, for which players will have to land in Akila city, the storyline will take you there yourself so no need to worry. Once there, talk to the rangers and start completing their quests until you reach the First to Fight, First to Die mission, which will be second to the last in the storyline, once completed the final mission will start and players will get the ship as a reward.

How to get a Legendary Armor in Starfield for free

In Starfield armor is in the form of spacesuits and good spacesuits can take you really far in your ventures as you discover the undiscovered and fight off the crimson fleet. Not all good armors need to be purchased though in the game as some can be earned via completing missions and other side quest in the game. One such armor is the UC Antixeno set which is a legendary armor set and it definitely looks like one of the cooler ones in the game.

Starfield UC Antixeno armor set
Image via Bethesda

The armor set is part of the UC questline which apart from the legendary armor has a lot of cool additional gear as well if the players join them. While faction affiliation is the player’s choice, choosing UC over Crimson Fleet is the best thing to do in terms of both moral and rewards perspective. The full set consists of multiple items like a helmet, boost pack, and much more thus resulting in players getting 9 perks in total.

Starfield Guide, Starfield
Image via Bethesda

All these rewards are part of the UC storyline and players will have to complete the mission, Hostile Intelligence to get these rewards for themselves in the game. UC storyline as stated before is the most rewarding one in the game, some players might find them appealing because of their authoritarian approach in terms of ideology, however, they remain to be one of the better factions in the game.

How to get a free house in Starfield

Now to start off, most factions in the game award players with some sort of accommodation in the game, however with the UC storyline players can get a free penthouse that too in the heart and prime location of the United Colonies. The penthouse is pretty neat and being in the heart of the United Colonies gives it a great surrounding too, not that it counts for anything. However it is one of the best free houses players can get in the game, hence it’s worth it.

Starfield Guide, Starfield
Image via Bethesda

The process to get the penthouse is a pretty straightforward one, the house can be unlocked via the same mission through which the legendary armor is unlocked. This makes getting the house easier for those who already have the armor. Players get the armor in the second last mission on the UC playthrough, and in the last mission, A Legacy Forged is the final step where players can finish off the UC playthrough and grab the key to their brand new penthouse.

Final Thoughts

The game Starfield has a lot of free stuff for the players to collect and resources are the only way to survive in the game. The United Colonies playthrough does have some of the best rewards in the game for the players and this article supports the claim, however, it rests up to the players as they are given the freedom to select and join their factions in the game. We hope that with this Starfield Guide players will be able to navigate their way through the hurdles and stack up their arsenal with free goodies on offer in the game.

We would like to thank JorRaptor on YouTube for references to these freebies on offer in the game.

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