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Black Mirror: Top 10 best episodes ranked

The best episodes from the dystopian show you must watch

Black Mirror is arguably one of the best shows with extremely well-written storylines, top-tier cast and acting and pure thought-provoking climaxes along with some unsettling feelings from all of its viewers. While all of them are absolutely worth watching, some episodes just take it to a new level. 

With Season 6 very possibly going into production as a part of Netflix, it is about time we picked the best of the best. A piece of advice would be to watch the show before reading, as viewers of the show can relate to the episodes in this list better.

Black Mirror: Top 10 episodes ranked (from Seasons 1-5)

1) 15 Million Merits

After a gripping first episode, 15 Million Merits delivered an excellent commentary on the entertainment industry and capitalism in a 1984-esque storyline, portraying just how predatory the industry is and the way we slave around in daily life in a different and more amped up way, setting up the social commentary that the show was going to deliver to fans. 

2) The Entire History of You

This was the first episode of the show, which introduced people to the concept of implants and how they manage to bring about a whole new set of problems and insecurities in the human mind. It really sets the pace for the other sci-fi episodes that follow and is shot very well with beautiful settings and top-notch acting.

Black Mirror, The Entire History of You
Image via Netflix

3) White Christmas

Starring Jon Hamm, this episode once again returns to the sci-fi aspect, where a conversation between two men far away from society about their dark past is the curtain on something, which no one could have seen coming. With subtle hints that tie in a very well-written concept and story, this is one of the best episodes of the show, for many viewers. 

4) Nosedive

Nosedive paints a very dystopian image of where humanity might actually be going at its current pace of our obsession with social media. Starring Bryce Dallas Howard, this episode starts out fairly happy and bright but then takes us on a journey with the protagonist. He is forced to maintain a positive rating, despite everything in her family falling apart. This episode provides a perfect start to the third season. 

5) Playtest

For many, this might also be the episode that Black Mirror is all about. Introduced as another sci-fi-themed story, it leads viewers down an adventure infused with psychological horror in the world of gaming, where the episode never seems to come to an end. It gets darker and the ending is what might really hit the home run. 

6) Shut Up and Dance

Like most other Black Mirror episodes, this one also does a great job of keeping viewers in the dark, until the disturbing ending, which is foreshadowed by subtle hints that viewers might not understand till the final reveal. The acting is phenomenal as usual and that was the key to fooling those watching. 

7) Crocodile

Crocodile is yet another tech-inspired episode where human memories are somehow being saved, and follows how an insurance investigator uncovers something dark. The episode is quite bleak and doesn’t fail to leave viewers with an uneasy feeling, as we see a character go to great lengths to keep their secrets from seeing the light of day. More than being a play on the technology though, this episode instead chooses to focus on human nature. 

8) Hang the DJ

Hang the DJ is one of the few Black Mirror episodes to have a happy ending and delves into the concept of dating apps. Once again, viewers are kept in the dark, as they follow the two characters and their love lives being controlled by a program that decides how long they live together. 

9) Black Museum

Yet another episode that really might’ve been the best for many, Black Museum once again enters the tech aspect, as viewers are told sad and bleak stories in a dusty museum in the middle of nowhere, leading to a somewhat satisfying conclusion. The episode tells some really hard-hitting tales and is quite close to White Christmas in many ways. 

10) Striking Vipers

Striking Vipers might have been a rather thought-provoking episode for many of us, as it introduces the concept of hyper-realistic virtual reality and the metaverse once again, delving into the human aspect with an individual case relating to sexuality. The highlight of this episode aside from the writing is, of course, Anthony Mackie. He is quite popular as The Falcon from the MCU among other roles. 

That was our list of the best Black Mirror Episodes definitely worth watching! Let us know your favourites in the comments below!

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