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Hogwarts Legacy: Top 5 things to be excited for

The land of wizardry awaits

Hogwarts Legacy is a dream project for many Harry Potter fans such as myself and calling even the announcement of the game magic for the fans might be an understatement, the world, and the atmosphere from the trailer seems to be enough to get all the fans pumped. However, the recent announcements from the developers at Avalanche Software make the game seem even more ambitious than expected. Hogwarts Legacy does show a lot of promise however, what we’ll discuss in this Hogwarts Legacy: Top 5 things to be excited for article is strictly based on the gameplay trailers showcased so far.

We’ve curated a list of 5 top things to be excited in Hogwarts Legacy that might exceed expectations of fans of the wizarding world.

A vast and dense world to explore

When the game was first announced it seemed like everyone expected it to be a semi-open world like the prior Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by Electronic Arts, however, exceeding the expectations the game seems to have a completely explorable open world with even customisable and some hidden places as well.

hogwarts legacy, hogwarts legacy wallpaper
Images via Avalanche Software

One fact that doesn’t need to be mentioned is that the worldbuilding of J.K Rowling is absolutely phenomenal and if Avalanche Studios manages to incorporate at least some of the original source material then it would make for an amazing and downright unforgettable experience.

Flying is the main way to get around

Flying in games can be summarized with hit or miss as in the majority of games especially games that aren’t specifically designed around flying or sandbox open-world games such as Saints Row, GTA or similar titles. Hogwarts Legacy seems to have found a beautiful way to integrate flying into the mix with flying brooms and animals which admittedly looks stunning in the gameplay showcase.

The element of flying through with a broom or on the back of magical creatures in immense speed makes the experience that much more thrilling. The animations

Classes and different subjects create parallels with Bully

As expected the game contains different classes and subjects to attain as in the source material, the kind we’ve seen in the fan favourite Rockstar Games game Bully. Despite releasing all these years ago, the game seems to still have a cult-like following among the fans, and the similarities between these two games may rekindle the candle of hope for Bully fans.

Hogwarts Legacy Top 5 reasons to   be excited, Hogwarts Legacy
Image via Avalanche Software

Although the classes and different subjects don’t make the game a whole lot like Bully, however, the subject seems really interesting on paper at least for the majority of the fans.

A full-blown RPG with depth

Hogwarts Legacy promises to have a full-blown RPG levelling-up system and a whole lot of side quests and NPCs to interact with which definitely seems a step in the right direction with all the open world to explore with a full-blown RPG system just seems mind-blowing to every RPG fan. Although choices and their impact aren’t clear enough yet, however, the game does seem to have some choices too.

A wizard game with RPG mechanics definitely seems like a perfect match with all the potions and the magical elements already shown in the trailer are the most common RPG elements in a game.

A fresh narrative-driven offline experience

Hogwarts Legacy had all the elements to make it an MMO of some kind with althe bells and whistles, however, the fact that WB and Avalanche Software have leaned towards a more offline narrative-driven experience seems to strengthen everyone’s expectations of the game.

Although we aren’t particularly against MMOs however, in this case, an offline narrative experience is definitely a better fit, given the current unfinished and some downright unplayable states some MMOs are releasing in. The beloved franchise definitely looks to have its game shaping up greatly.

How much are you excited about Hogwarts Legacy? Let us know in the comments!

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