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How Chamber is still broken in Valorant despite the recent nerfs

No nerf working on the agent!

If you play Valorant, you must have encountered an annoying Chamber in the opposing team peeking weird angles and teleporting instantly after the kill. Whether players die or their teammates, there is no chance to get a trade kill. Chamber, the 18th agent introduced in Valorant has always been one of the hot picks in the game. Even after Riot Games nerfed Chamber twice, he is still one of the strongest agents in Valorant right now.

Chamber: The most aggressive Sentinel in Valorant

The sentinel agent has always been hyped since its release. His ability kit makes him the most unique among all the sentinels. Generally, sentinels in Valorant have a passive role in the game. But Chamber’s abilities make him capable of playing aggressively, even after being a sentinel. As a sentinel, his abilities should have been more defensive rather than how aggressive it is.

Chamber’s signature ability, Rendezvous, makes him the most unique sentinel. This ability is a get-out-of-jail card for Chamber. Chamber can pick a peek and instantly teleport to another place within a certain radius. It is very tough for the opponents to kill Chamber, as he can instantly teleport from that place. His first ability, Trademark, is also a useful ability to watch the flank, during attacking rounds.

chamber valorant
Image via Riot Games

The thing which is a most unique trait of players like about Chamber is his weapon arsenal of his own. His second ability is a pistol with accuracy and damage like Sheriff, but with an aim-down sight like ARs. The ADS of this ability which gives Chamber a considerable advantage, during the pistol or eco rounds. As a result, the Headhunter greatly impacts the team strategy during eco rounds.

Using his ultimate, Chamber can also bring out a sniper rifle which damages like Operator, but has an ADS speed similar to Marshall. The sniper also has a break-neck firing speed, giving a huge advantage to players who are good with it. His ultimate has always been game-breaking, since its release.

Chamber has undergone a lot of nerfs in Valorant

At the early stage after Chamber’s addition to the game, he was quickly recognized, as one of the strongest and most versatile agents in Valorant. Chamber was very overpowered from the beginning, with significantly less cooldown on his teleporting skill, two trademark traps, and long slow duration on the enemies. But Riot Games was quick enough to realize that this agent needed a nerf. As a result, Chamber received the first nerf during the Patch 4.09 Update. Riot Games reduced its number of slow traps from two to one, and the price was increased from 150 to 200.

But it still wasn’t enough, as the main ability that made him overpowered was his teleporting ability. His teleporting ability makes him capable of escaping any fight in any situation. It was one of the reasons why Riot Games nerfed Jett’s Tailwind ability, by implementing a timer on this ability. But, Chamber was still doing the same job, but better.

With so many complaints from the community and the pro players, Riot Games finally decided to hand out Chamber another set of nerfs in Patch 5.03 Update. This time it was a heavy one. His Trademark Slow and Ultimate slow Duration was decreased from 9.5 s to 6 s. The ultimate point was increased from 7 to 8. The bullet cost of his Headhunter was also increased from 100 to 150 credits.

Riot Games also made changes to his most discussed ability, Rendezvous. The base and recall cooldown was increased from 20 s to 30 s. If the Rendezvous is destroyed, the cooldown will become 45 s. Additionally, the ability’s radius decreased from 21m to 15m.

Chamber is still broken despite the nerfs

While many people might disagree with me, Chamber is still broken even, after receiving so many nerfs. Chamber still has a 57.3% pick rate in the ranked mode. The pick rate of Chamber in Copenhagen Masters was almost 80%, which was the highest among all agents. Chamber still makes the opponent nervous with his famous line, “You want to play? Let’s play.”

Chamber is still an expert marksman with his Tour de France ability. His ultimate is still a one-shot kill at any range. His ultimate, combined with the teleport, always makes Chamber a challenging opponent to deal with. His Headhunter ability also edges out others during pistol rounds with its fire rate and high accuracy.

chamber valorant
Image via Riot Games

Although longer cooldowns were implemented on Chamber’s teleport ability, the ability is still very viable, as players can still teleport from any place after getting a peek. Additionally, Chamber can still escape from the middle of a fight with his Rendezvous ability.

No matter how overpowered Chamber is, he is surely one of the most valuable agents in Valorant. While many in the community still complain about the French agent, I feel completely okay with how Chamber is currently. After all the balance changes, Chamber mains were bound to change their play style.

What are your thoughts on Chamber and his position on the meta? Let us know in the comments.

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