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Valorant’s new competitive game mode ‘Premier’ is announced

Valorant introduces new competitive game mode to strengthen the esports ecosystem

Riot Games announced a new Valorant competitive game mode called ‘Premier‘ which will be a game mode above radiant and be a path-to-pro for the players, who can form teams and compete against other teams in pre-scheduled matches. The game mode is currently in the alpha testing phase and will be released in Brazil next week.

‘Premier’ will be a path to pro for the aspiring Valorant players

With Valorant Champions Tour 2023 and detailed plans about the future of Valorant esports, Riot Games had previously revealed that they would connect the game directly with Valorant esports and introduce new features that will act as the path to pro for the players who are aspiring to compete in Valorant’s biggest stage. It looks like Riot has finally revealed their plans on how they are working on completing the new esports ecosystem of Valorant. 

valorant premier screen
Image via Riot Games

‘Premier’ will be a new in-game competitive game mode where the players can form their teams and compete in weekly matches or tournaments against other groups with similar skill levels. The system will directly link Valorant’s esports ecosystem and the game and provide the competition-hungry players with a rewarding challenge beyond ranked.

After building rosters, the teams will be placed in a division where the players must compete in a season mixed with weekly matches and tournaments. Each season will last a few weeks, and the top-performing teams will qualify for the end-of-season tournament to battle for the title of Division Champion.

The new game mode will provide esports organization’s a new method to scout the best talents from their respective regions.

valorant premier create team
Image via Riot Games

The alpha test of ‘Premier’ mode will be available for the players in Brazil

Riot Games has revealed that the game mode is still in alpha mode, and only 60% of the functions and features have been completed. However, the developers will be rolling out the alpha test of ‘Premier’ for the players in the Brazil region only. While they have plans to release the new game mode on a large scale in the future, for now, they will be limiting it to a specific region for a small group of players to test the alpha stage.

The players participating in the alpha test of ‘Premier’ will test some key features:

valorant premier map ban pick
  • Team creation (with team logos and colours)
  • Server load
  • Tournament play (including a map pick-and-ban system)
  • Premier Score (and qualifying for the end-of-season tournament)
  • Matchmaking and queue health throughout the Alpha
  • General bugs
  • …and more features.

Since the system is still under development, the initial alpha testers will have to provide Riot Games with feedback on how they would like to see the design built and review the features. Riot has ensured to implement the feedback received from the alpha test to make the best team competitive system possible.

valorant premier tournament
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games will slowly announce more information regarding the new competitive game mode in Valorant. The fans in other regions might have to wait for a while since the feature is still under development and might take some more time to be ready to get released. Stay tuned to our website, as we will update all pieces of information regarding Valorant’s ‘Premier’ as soon as they are announced.

What are your thoughts on the new Valorant competitive game mode Premier? Let us know in the comments below!

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