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Valorant Harbor guide: Abilities, Weapons, and Gameplay tips

Learn about the water bending controller in Valorant

Valorant‘s newest controller, Harbor, has been revealed by Riot Games and will be available in the game from the 18th of October, 2022 along with Episode 5 Act 3 update and battle pass. Harbor is the 21st agent in Valorant and a new controller after more than a year of the last controller, Astra’s release. Hailing from India, Harbor has the power to bend water and use it to his team’s advantage.

In this guide, we will explain the abilities of Harbor in detail and help you with ideas on how you can utilize the newest controller for the best outcome. So without further delay, let’s dive into it!

About Harbor in Valorant

Harbor is the fifth controller agent in Valorant. Controllers are agents with the ability to cut enemy vision, help the team to take control of an area, and push enemies into a vulnerable position. Every team needs a controller for map control and freely rotating around the map; that is where Harbor can help the most.

valorant harbor poster
Image via Riot Games

Harbor’s abilities are designed to block enemy vision and slow down enemies. Interestingly, his ultimate can cover a large portion of any site and concuss anyone caught in it. Harbor is expected to affect the Valorant meta primarily, and he might be a viable controller in the game.

Valorant: Harbor abilities explained

Signature Ability: High Tide (E)

Through his signature ability, Harbor can equip a wall of water and fire the water forward along the ground. He can bend the water path through the walls in the direction of his crosshair, and once the water path is finished, it will spawn a water wall. Harbor will slow players hit by the water for half a second.

Sounds familiar? High Tide can be termed as the mix of Viper’s Toxic Screen and Phoenix’s Blaze. It can pass through the walls, similar to Toxic Screen, and can be bent just like Blaze. However, High Tide covers a larger area than Phoenix’s Blaze and is higher than Viper’s Toxic Screen.

harbor high tide
Image via Riot Games

This is a free ability with a cooldown of 40 seconds which starts right after the wall goes up. The wall lasts 14 seconds, so the ability can be used again in 26 seconds after the wall goes down. Players can shoot through the walls and also deal damage.

Ability 2: Cove (Q)

Harbor can spawn a spherical water wall that can block bullets using this ability. Harbor will spawn the spherical wall to the location Harbor decides to throw it, just like Viper’s Poison Cloud. The spherical wall will be similar to the smoke of other agents, but it will be much larger and can block bullets. However, the wall is not entirely invincible, opponents can break it, but it will require significant damage.

harbor cove
Image via Riot Games

Cove will last 15 seconds if it’s not broken and can handle up to thirteen phantom or vandal shots before it breaks. Sova’s Shock Dart, Viper’s Snake Bite, Raze’s Paint Shell, Boombot, and Rocket Launcher can be passed through the wall. The ability can be used once every round and will cost 350 credits.

Ability 3: Cascade (C)

Through Cascade, Harbor can summon a flat wall that will start moving toward the direction it is launched. The wall will cover quite a reasonable distance but can also be stopped manually at any preferred location in its straight path.

harbor cascade
Image via Riot Games

If the wall touches enemy units, Harbor will slow them for half a second. However, bullets can pass through the wall, meaning no one is entirely safe on either side. This ability can be used once in a round and will cost 150 credits.

Ultimate Ability: Reckoning (X)

Using his ultimate ability, Harbor uses his power of the Artifact to summon a geyser pool on the ground, creating a successive geyser attack. Enemies caught in the geyser attack will be concussed for a brief time.

harbor reckoning
Image via Riot Games

Reckoning is similar to Breach’s Rolling Thunder or Fade’s Nightfall. The geyser attack will target the enemies caught inside the pool and show golden rings over their heads, revealing their position. Opponents can try to move away from the geyser attack, but they will have to keep dodging the attack since more geysers will be spawned. An enemy can be concussed up to three times after being caught in the pool, and Harbor will require seven ultimate charges to unleash this ability.

Best weapons for Harbor in Valorant

Though, Harbor is a controller agent it can be played in a much more aggressive manner. The best-suited guns for Harbor, in order.

  1. Frenzy
  2. Ghost
  3. Sherrif
  4. Spectre
  5. Vandal
  6. Phantom
  7. Judge

Here are the agents who will be helpful to Harbor as his teammates:

  1. Jett: Jett can follow and enter the site by dashing after Harbor launches his Cascade ability.
  2. Sage: Sage is one of the best support characters in Valorant.
  3. Fade/Sova: Fade/Sova can be useful to reveal the information, before pushing it into any site.
  4. Kay/O: Kay/O can move around with Harbor’s wall and toss around his flashes before peeking beyond the wall.

Valorant Harbor gameplay tips

Harbor might be the next broken agent in Valorant, thanks to his insane abilities to take map control and also disorient the enemies. Harbor can use High Tide to block multiple potential angles at once from where the enemies might peak. The wall will help the team to enter the site quickly, and if enemies are slowed by its touch, they might be an easy pick for the team.

Cascade can be much helpful in attack rounds for every team, as the wall moves almost at the pace at which the agent runs. The whole team can enter the site, by staying behind this wall, while it can act as a shield for them. However, it is advised to be careful, since enemy bullets can pass through the wall.

Cove can be a game-changing ability since it works as a bulletproof shield and a smoke barrier for the team. Harbor can protect his teammate inside the Cove, while planting or defusing a spike and can also cover or block certain angles in the map just like other smokes.

Reckoning can help retake or push into any site. The geyser pool covers a large radius of the map and will concuss players caught in the geyser attack, forcing the enemies to move out of the site to avoid getting killed or pushing them into vulnerable positions.

What are your thoughts on Valorant’s Harbor guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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