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VALORANT might arrive on Console according to recent job listing

VALORANT might be heading towards console platforms

According to a recent job listing on Hitmarker for Riot Game, the highly anticipated shooter game Valorant might be coming to the console shortly. Riot Games has been planning to expand its popular shooter title to other platforms and previously announced Valorant for Mobile. Now the console fans might receive some exciting news soon enough. The recent job listings saw Riot Games looking to recruit in two different positions for a console project of Valorant.

Riot Games is reportedly looking for Game Designer for the console version

The job listing is for a Senior Game Designer, Console- Valorant, and the job description reads that the Senior Game Designer will have to “design and refine features, modes, and systems to help bring console game products to market.” Riot previously added another job listing for the Game Design Manager, Console- Valorant position, whose job will be to “set a vision and guide designers on bringing VALORANT to new platforms.”

chamber valorant
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is now working to bring its multiplayer shooter game to the console platform. Valorant is undoubtedly one of the most popular multiplayer shooter games in recent times. The 5v5 team shooter game was released back in 2020 only on the PC platform and has experienced an incredible rise in popularity since then. Valorant currently has one of the biggest competitive player bases in the shooter game genre all over the world.

With such a huge and positive response from its ever-growing community, Riot now plans to expand Valorant on other platforms. The release of Valorant on platforms like Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo or even mobile might take the title’s popularity to a new level. Riot announced Valorant Mobile earlier this year, and the game is currently in the private beta test stage. The release date of Valorant Mobile is yet to be revealed.

Previously it was leaked by the data miners a few months back that the console version is possibly under development. According to @valorantleaksEN, a trusted data miner of the Valorant community, Riot Games added new icons for PlayStation and Xbox controls to game files with the 5.03 update.

Valorant console: release date and platform availability

Riot has not yet confirmed anything about Valorant’s release on the console platforms. So the fans might have to wait for a long time before receiving any news on the release date of Valorant’s console version.

Valorant Omen
Image via Riot Games

It is still unclear whether Valorant will be exclusive to Xbox Game Pass, as Riot Games previously announced that its game would be available on the Xbox Game Pass after a partnership with Microsoft. However, PlayStation fans might still be hopeful about the game since recent leaks suggest that the game might be heading to PlayStation 5 and Xbox.

What do you think about VALORANT on the console platform? Let us know in the comments below!

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