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Valorant Mobile android private beta is now live

Valorant Mobile has entered beta phase

Valorant is a famous 5v5 shooter game by Riot Games available on PC, and a new mobile version is on the way. Valorant Mobile entered private beta testing recently after Riot added it to the Google Play Store. The game previously went through an alpha test, which was exclusive to China only.

Valorant Mobile private beta is available on Play Store

Riot Games added Valorant Mobile to the Play Store recently. According to the application on Play Store, the private beta of Valorant Mobile is now ongoing with estimated 50 participants. However, the Google Play Store description says that the game is still a work in progress and the beta testers are under an NDA with Riot Games. Meaning, no information about the game will be shared with any third party.

The app is still unavailable for download due to parental controls. However, it can be viewed by everyone on Play Store. The game being added to the Play Store might mean that an open beta testing for the most anticipated mobile FPS game is coming soon in the future. However, we can only wait to get more updates about the game from the developers.

New Valorant Mobile images were revealed on Play Store

New images of Valorant Mobile were released in the Play Store. Although, nothing on the gameplay was included in the photos. The images mainly showed the login screen and lobby menu only.

Valorant Mobile: release date

The release date for the mobile version of Valorant is yet to be announced by Riot Games. However, with the game being added to Play Store and so much progress made in the last few days, fans can expect the beta test of Valorant Mobile to be coming very soon. Unfortunately, everyone can only wait for the developers to announce more about the game in the future.

What are your thoughts on Valorant Mobile entering private beta testing? Comment down below!

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