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Valorant Controller Guide: Top 5 tips for controllers on every map

Learn how to be a perfect controller!

Riot’s first-person tactical shooter game Valorant is filled with agents from four roles, namely Duelists, Controller, Initiator and Sentinel. These agents have unique abilities to help their team take advantage of their opponent. Each agent also carries out unique roles during the match. For that reason, the team composition is an important thing in Valorant. But whatever the team composition might be, a Controller is a must-have for every team in a Valorant competitive game. In this article, we will share the best tips to be a perfect controller in Valorant.

Controllers: The masterminds in a game

The primary role of controller players is to assist their teammates by taking control of a site, cutting off enemy vision, and forcing the enemies to move into choke points. A Controller player must have proper knowledge of the maps and angles from where enemies might hold an angle or peek. The common ability between all the agents from the controller role in the game is their Smoke ability.

Valorant Omen
Image via Riot Games

They are primarily focused on using their utilities properly and responsible for taking the map control for their team to cut off enemy rotations and stop the enemy rush. Controllers are essential for the team in both the attacking and defensive half for their smoke that can be useful in early, mid, or even late rounds, so, players need to survive. Till now, there are four controller agents in the game:

  1. Omen
  2. Brimstone
  3. Viper
  4. Astra

5 tips for controllers in Valorant

With a resemblance to their name, controllers mainly control the whole dynamic of a round. They are the most utility-based agents, which makes them very important in the mid-rounds. Learning how to be a controller is not too tough, but it will require a lot of brain work, knowledge of setups and more. They work mainly to cut off angles and block or hold off enemies successfully. Here are some tips and tricks that players need to know, to be a good controller.

5. Play passive, do not rush and die

The controllers need to stay alive to help their team with the smokes and other abilities. Duelists must play passive in both attack and defence rounds and should not peak angles unnecessarily or try to enter the site on their own. Their smokers are important to cut off enemies’ vision in attacking rounds, and in defence rounds, players can use their smokes to stop enemy push or retake the site.

4. Communicate with the team

Communication is vital in a team game like Valorant. Proper communication between the controller and duelist can bring out the best result from both agents. For example, the controller can block the angles using their smoke to cut off the opponent’s vision; thus, the duelist can enter and take over a site easily.

3. Learn line-ups and setups

Agents like Viper or Brimstone need to learn the lineups, where Brimstone can use his Molotov while Viper has her Snake Bite, to stop the defuse of the spike. Lineups are great to defend the site, without even peeking into the opponent’s cross-hair.

With proper lineups, players can place themselves far away from the site and use the lineups to defend the site after planting the spike. Post-plant lineups can be a game-saver, when the player is the only one surviving in a post-plant situation, using the lineups. They can delay the spike defuse or even kill multiple opponents trying to defuse the spike.

2. Be patient and wait for the perfect time

Patience is the key while playing a controller. Using up all the smokes early in the round can cost your team during retakes or late-round situations. Predicting the enemy’s location is essential for them, and they should use their abilities accordingly. They must be aware of what is happening inside the map and use their abilities for the perfect time, to get the best result during the round.

1. Learn about maps and smoke setups

The controllers need to know where and when to use the smoke. The most vital job of the controller is to smoke and cut the angles from where the opponents can peek. To execute their role correctly, a controller player must have proper map knowledge and know the most critical angles to smoke during a round.

Spots like site entrances, Lamps and Elbow in Bind, A site Heaven and Garage Door in Haven, and Trees and B Main in Ascent are some of the spots they can smoke to block enemies peeking angles. It will be better to place the smoke inward towards the enemy to block their vision properly and force them into a choke point. One-way smoke is also a great technique for the players to use and spot enemies from the other side of the smoke, without getting spotted.

What are your thoughts on how to become a good controller in Valorant? Let us know in the comments!

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