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Valorant Duelist Guide: Top 5 tips for duelists on every map

Master the most vital role for your team!

Valorant, the first-person tactical shooter game has gained popularity due to its tactical and methodical gameplay. It is a game filled with various roles and methods of play. There are four types of roles in the game namely Duelist, Controller, Initiator and Sentinel. Each of them has a different type of playstyle according to their abilities. In this article, we will discuss on few tips for Duelists in Valorant.

Duelists: The main fraggers in a game

Duelists are self-sufficient fraggers who rely on their raw aim to win gunfights and enter a site. Duelists are perfect for players who like to play aggressively and play selflessly. Duelists are the entry fraggers and often the ones with the most kills in a match. No other role can carry out the work of entering into a site and clearing it better than a duelist. Their abilities are entirely focused on bringing out picks for the team and creating space for teammates. Till now, Riot Games have introduced six duelist agents in the game: 

  1. Phoenix
  2. Jett
  3. Reyna
  4. Raze
  5. Yoru
  6. Neon
valorant tips for duelist pphoenix
Image via Riot Games

5 tips for duelists in Valorant

Duelists are the most complex agents to master and play in Valorant. They are always expected to perform well and carry the team. Taking up the role of duelist for the team might not always be an easy job, as it demands a little more from the player. Here are some tips and tricks that you need to know to be a good duelist:

5. Practice and get a better aim

In tactical shooter games like Valorant, having good aim is a thing which is very much essential. Be it any agent or role you play, a good aim is a primary requirement for being a good player in Valorant. But, if one wants to take up the role of a duelist, he will undoubtedly need a crispy aim.

Duelists depend mainly on their basic aim to win gunfights, they don’t have other abilities that can damage the enemies. Duelists are expected to win most of the 1v1 fights that they take and clutch rounds for their team. So without a decent aim, someone can never take up this role.

4. Focus on ability usage

Proper usage of abilities is the most important part of the Valorant gameplay, no matter what agent one is playing. The outcome of fights and rounds heavily depends on the ability usage of your team. Even though duelist players mostly rely on their gunfight, the flashes of Yoru, Phoenix and Reyna along with other abilities of different agents can help the team to win more gunfights, enter the site, or even bring rounds for the team.

3. Play aggressive and try getting more frags

Duelists are meant to play aggressively and get more frags. They should be highly active in seeking out fights, throughout the rounds. Duelists are often seen at the top of the scoreboard, due to their high capability of getting more kills and creating space for the team. Duelists should play selflessly and be ready to sacrifice themselves, after entering the site and getting a few first bloods. Riot Games have specifically designed the abilities of duelist agents to help them in aggressive situations.

2. Co-ordinate with other teammates

Coordination is the key to winning a match in Valorant. Proper communication with the team’s initiator and the controller can help duelists win situational gunfights. Appropriate recon, blind, stun and reveals can help the duelist to gather more information, before entering the site. Pairing the abilities of the duelists with the abilities of other agents can create the most favourable situation for the team to enter the site and hold it. Initiators can help with information, and controllers can block off angles for the duelists.

1. Be the first man to start the attack

Duelists are the entry fraggers of a team. They are always expected to be the ones to start the attack and take the first blood. Along with their abilities, they can easily create space for the team by disorienting their opponents and clear angles. Duelists should lead the team while entering a site and clear every possible angle. Their abilities, such as blind, grenades, teleportation, etc. can also create the perfect opening for the team to enter a site successfully.

What are your thoughts on how to be a good duelist in Valorant? Let us know in the comments below!

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