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Valorant Champions 2022: Why is an initiator-heavy team composition preferred by most Esports teams

Initiators have a very important role in Valorant

With the Valorant Champions 2022 Istanbul underway, we have witnessed some fierce fights among the best teams in the world of Riot‘s Valorant Esports. The play-offs have started in full swing, as this tournament has already seen the upsetting exits of many powerhouse teams already, but the most exciting part of this year’s Valorant Champions has to be the introduction of a new meta by the teams.

Among all the agents, Initiators has been a popular pick among all the teams playing in Valorant Champions Istanbul. No team has played any map without picking an Initiator agent in this tournament yet.

Fade is the most picked Initiator agent

Fade has gained much popularity as an initiator agent in Valorant Champions 2022 Istanbul. The newest initiator added in the game is also the most picked agent in the Champions Istanbul till now. Almost all the teams prefer to play Fade in maps like Ascent, Haven and the newly-added map Pearl.

fade valorant
Image via Riot Games

After Fade, the second most picked initiator is Kay-O, followed by Breach in third place. Sova and Skye have had a low pick rate in this edition of Valorant Champions till now. Sova was in the top three picked agents in last year’s Valorant Champions.

Why do most pro teams prefer an initiator heavy composition

Initiators initiate the attack for their team in Valorant. In the current meta, Initiators are a must-pick agent in the game. With their unique individual abilities, they can easily create openings by their blind, reveal or stuns for their team to enter the site. It also provides teams with a lot of information against players who are holding tight angles. In the ongoing Valorant Champions 2022 Istanbul, we have witnessed teams relying heavily on their initiators for their gameplan.

valorant initiators
Image via Riot Games

Every team has picked at least one initiator for their team composition in every map played till now. Many teams prefer a double initiator composition in maps like Haven and Ascent, where Fade and Breach are the primary initiators picks for the teams like OpTic Gaming, EDward Gaming, Team Liquid, Leviatan, and others. Breeze has seen the popularity of the Sova and Kayo combination, and Fracture has seen the popularity of Kayo and Breach among the pro teams. Surprisingly enough, a team like DRX, famous for their methodical playstyle, has relied on a triple initiator composition on Ascent with Fade, Sova, and Kay-O. Players can say that initiators are at the top of the meta in this year’s Valorant Champions Tour.

Final Thoughts

Initiators can be the most valuable partners with duelists in an attack round. Fade and Sova have their recon abilities which can detect the enemies to gather more information for the team. Kay-O, Skye, and Breach have perfect flashes in the game, which can be executed even while standing behind walls.

Fade’s Nightfall can single-handedly shut down an entire site and make the opponent team vulnerable while being marked by her ult. Teams have also been seen to use the ultimate ability of Sova and Breach on post-plant scenarios and win rounds. Initiators can also be helpful in the defence rounds to gather early information about enemy push.

What are your thoughts on the initiator meta in Valorant Champions? Let us know in the comments below!

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