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Medieval Dynasty review: A life well-lived

Live out your medieval fantasy

Medival Dynasty is a survival game with a unique approach to a well-thought-out concept developed by Render Cube. Although the game was released on 23rd September 2021, the recent release on Xbox Game Pass brought it to the attention of gamers. Medical Dynasty offers you to live a life amidst the medical era far from the violent battles establishing your Dynasty by surviving crafting and town management. It sounds really interesting but how it actually translates to gameplay in 2022, will be the main subject of this Medieval Dynasty review.

A medieval era not so barbaric

Most of us would expect a medieval-era game to be barbaric and/or very dangerous be it wildlife or warfare, however as this game suggests it’s a life far from war although with an occasional wolf or bandit attack. You’ll mostly be gathering resources in the Medieval Dynasty by chopping wood and growing your own food.

This game also includes social features such as romance options and more to build your Dynasty. You’d be talking to NPCs a lot and although not voiced the dialogues are pretty engaging.

Medieval Dynasty Review, Medieval Dynasty, Medival Dynasty 2022 review
Image via Toplitz Publisher

Stiff hunting can make it a bit of chore

In these town management/ life sim games combat isn’t exactly the most fleshed-out part, and in the Medieval Dynasty it’s no exception. Hunting involves primarily you chasing and poking some animal with a sharp weapon or punching it, this lacks any excitement while any task can be attributed to the townsfolk but that doesn’t compensate for the fact hunting could’ve used some oversight to make it a bit fun.

Life isn’t something written it’s to be experienced

While writing this Medieval Dynasty review the one thing that I could think of that this game does better than its contemporaries, is its unique make-your-own-story moments, this is the most dynamic part of the game, you can go to any village you want at the beginning talk to any quest givers you want befriend marry or betray anyone you want to make your story truly your own.

“The love and care poured into the environment reflects well on the virtual life offered at Medieval Dynasty”

The written material here is really of top-notch quality and overwhelming here, it’s a reader’s paradise if you really want to explore every bit of content crammed into a beautiful world.

It’s not glamorous rather a soothing beauty

This game doesn’t compete with the next-gen graphics or even polish, but it excels at what it does compete in, natural beauty. The game sometimes looks heavenly in the village-esque visual filled with greenery, that’s when it’s untouchable.

Medieval Dynasty Review, Medieval Dynasty, Medival Dynasty 2022 review
Image via Toplitz Publisher

Medieval Dynasty offers you many choices although not with a prompt, it’s rather more gradual and realistic you won’t make a life-changing decision in an instant, you’d make small gameplay decisions that’ll ultimately affect the villagers and you.

Gameplay and narrative

Let’s be honest now interesting concepts and dynamic life don’t mean anything if the gameplay and narrative aren’t on par, but here I can gladly establish the fact that it is not the case. The story gives you 30 in-game years to complete and every in-game season takes 3 days so you’ll have plenty of time to do any side quest too, which aren’t all amazing but are good anyways (barring some fetch quests).

The gameplay on the other hand feels quite old and janky in combat but it’s quite comfortable in building and town management, making it the main focus of the game. The building system also feels pretty well thought out and has more depth than the skin-deep system in fallout 4.


In conclusion to this Medieval Dynasty review I want to make it apparent that this game isn’t for everyone, if you’re okay with sub-par combat and almost voice-less (barring some stock lines) conversations, there is a very engaging and addictive game beneath.

With it coming to the game pass it’s a no-brainer and also a recommendation without the game pass.

Medieval Dynasty Xbox Review by Daily Meta Dose

Gameplay - 7
Performance - 7
World and atmosphere - 8.5
Narratrive - 7.5
Sound design - 8
Value for money - 8.5


Medieval Dynasty is a very text-heavy beautiful and dynamic life-sim with some mechanical flaws in its way.

Hope this review helps you to decide if Medieval Dynasty is the game for you, Let us know in the comment section!

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