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eFootball 2023 The complete Match Pass Guide and Tips

Will you be receiving your money's worth with the new Match Pass?

In addition to new events, player cards, and incentive systems, version update 2.2.0 has added a brand-new concept to eFootball 2023, known as Match Pass. The concept is akin to Star Passes in EA SportsFIFA Mobile, which rewards users with tonnes of in-game incentives and icons. In the coming segments, we will discuss the new Match Pass idea that has been added to the game, the different types of Match Pass that are accessible in-game, and the benefits that can be obtained from redeeming them. From a financial standpoint, we’ll also talk about whether it makes sense to pursue them.

eFootball 2023 Match Pass: Overview

Match Pass is a unique in-game reward system that can get users a range of items, including Nominating Contracts, Training Level Programs, Contract Renewal Tickets, and Highlight Player Cards. These factors as you know, increase and enhance the team and player metrics, as we all know. The concept is akin to the popular Season Pass model used in video games. You can now receive greater incentives for playing each game thanks to the introduction of Match Pass. You receive additional awards as you play more games.

Match Pass Tiers

Match Pass currently has three tiers:

1. Regular Match Pass

The Regular Match Pass is available to everyone who participates in the game. That is, simply playing the game will earn you the benefits that may be claimed through the Regular Match Pass. It is comparable to the Season Pass Event system used in a number of video games, which awards players with different in-game resources as they successfully complete Objectives. The majority of the rewards redeemable from this Tier are in-game items like Contract Renewal Tickets, Level Training Programs, and Nominating Contract Tickets.

2. Value Match Pass

eFootball 2023 Mission Pass Categories
Image via Konami

The Value Match Pass Tier needs eFootball Coins to be unlocked, unlike the Regular Match Pass. Experience Points, Nominating Contract Tickets (3-Stars, 4-Stars, and 5-Stars), eFootball Coins, and a Trending Player Card are some of the benefits associated with these games. To use the Value Match Pass benefits for the first time, you must spend 250 eFootball Coins. The required amount of eFootball Coins would then double.

3. Premium Match Pass

The Premium Match Pass Tier needs eFootball Coins to be unlocked, just like the Value Match Pass does. The first time you play, you must deposit 500 eFootball Coins into the game; however, subsequent unlocking and redemption of rewards from this tier require a total of 1000 eFootball Coins.

eFootball 2023 Match Pass: Rewards

Match Pass TierClaimable Rewards
Regular1 Contract Renewal Ticket
2 x 3-Star Nominating Contract Tickets
1 x 4-Star Nominating Contract Tickets
1 x 5-Star Nominating Contract Tickets
11 x 4,000 Experience Points
6 x 10,000 Experience Points
Value200 eFootball Coins
1 Contract Renewal Ticket
2 x 3-Star Nominating Contract Tickets
1 x 4-Star Nominating Contract Tickets
1 x 5-Star Nominating Contract Tickets
11 x 4,000 Experience Points
6 x 10,000 Experience Points
1 Highlight Player Card( G.Bale can be redeemed in this cycle)
Premium300 eFootball Coins
1 Contract Renewal Ticket
24 x 10,000 Experience Points
4 x 3-Star Nominating Contract Tickets
2 x 4-Star Nominating Contract Tickets
2 x 5-Star Nominating Contract Tickets
1 Highlight Player Card( D.Tadic can be redeemed in this cycle)
Info via. Konami

eFootball 2023 Match Pass: Resource Management

Let us try to evaluate whether Match Passes are worthwhile now that we are familiar with the notion. We will weigh the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a Match Pass Tier and determine whether to pursue it or not. What would be the best time to purchase Match Pass if we were to do so? All of it will become clear to us in this section.

Perks of investing in Match Pass

  1. Getting your hands on the elusive Contract Renewal Tickets is the main benefit. Contract Renewal Tickets, as everyone is aware, are used to renew the contracts on your extinguished legendary cards. They are extremely rare, though, and can only be exchanged for a hefty 25,000 eFootball Points. Therefore, in eFootball 2023, getting even one Contract Renewal Ticket for 500 eFootball Coins is nothing short of a steal.
  2. Obtaining the Nominating Contracts that can be utilized to redeem your favorite players and are included in the Nominating Contract Pack is the second obvious benefit. They are an additional way to bolster your lineup and adorn it with the right bunch of players.
  3. The last benefit is having access to those exclusive Highlight Player Cards.
eFootball 2023 Season 2 Match Pass
Image via Konami

Drawbacks of investing in Match Pass

  1. The only drawback of earning something in the form of resources is possibly the cost you must incur. eFootball Coins are now a much more valuable and challenging to obtain resource than in prior seasons. Value and Premium Match Pass first-time redemption costs are 250 and 500 eFootball Coins, respectively.
  2. The following time, the prizes are 500 and 1,000 eFootball Coins, respectively. They do, however, reward you with 200 and 300 eFootball coins. Mathematically, purchasing a Value Match Pass costs you 300 eFootball Coins while a Premium Match Pass costs you 700 eFootball Coins.
  3. Other than Nominating Contracts and 1 Contract Renewal Ticket, other resources, such as Experience Points and Training Level Programs, are generally accessible and may be acquired by simply grinding the in-game tour events.

eFootball 2023 Match Pass Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips on when to get yourself the Match Pass benefits, put together after careful consideration of all the above factors:

1. Hold back till your desired Nominating Contract Pack rolls in

You are not being urged to forego the Match Pass perks. One may certainly go for them if and when they have eFootball Coins stocked up. However, keep in mind that Nominating Contracts have an expiration date. As a result, you should only redeem your Match Pass when one of the Nominating Contract Packs has your preferred player. Under-utilization of resources would occur if your Nominating Contracts lapsed or if they failed to secure the necessary participants. For instance, if you believe that this week’s Nominating Contract Packs are not particularly helpful for you, simply wait till the right players arrive.

2. Be calculative in your approach

You would lose 1500 eFootball Coins and receive back only 600 if you spent your coins on, let’s say, a Premium Match Pass every now and then. However, if you wait until the right moment, you will not only have the opportunity to redeem your preferred player but also get the benefits of the first-time charge. In doing so, you spare yourself 700 eFootball Coins.

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That’s it for the eFootball 2023 Match Pass Guide. Did you find our guide on eFootball 2023 Match Pass useful? Let us know in the comments.

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