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eFootball 2023: The Complete Guide on Nominating Contracts and Chance Deals

Use your Nominating Contracts to sign plaers, before they expire!

The opening week of eFootball 2023 saw a lot of exhilaration from fans as they were kept engaged in various in-game events offering eFootball Coins and Chance Deals as rewards. Although we did not get to see any Legendary Player Packs in the first week, the game has added various Limited Time Player Packs that need eFootball Coins and Nominating Contracts for signing. Well, eFootball Coins are an age-old concept of this soccer series but, Nominating Contracts and Chance Deals are something that has been introduced off-late. As we advance into the second week of eFootball 2023, it is high time that we understand what they are in detail.

In this eFootball 2023 Guide, we are going to talk about Player Packs. To be more specific, we are going to do a detailed discussion on the two new Player Signing methodologies, i.e., Nominating Contracts and Chance Deals.

Nominating Contracts in eFootball 2023

Nominating Contract is an in-game resource that enables users to choose a player of their choice from the Nominating Contract Pack. A Nominating Contract Pack consists of 11 players that hold a specific star rating. Depending on the kind of Nominating Contract Tickets you own, you may select any player of your preference from these Special Packs.

Image via Konami

Nominating Contracts have a 60-day expiration window starting on the day you redeem them from your mailbox. Therefore, be sure to use them to acquire your preferred player before they expire. There are 4 types of Nominating Contracts:

  1. 2-Star Nominating Contract-A player rated 2-Stars or lower may be signed.
  2. 3-Star Nominating Contract– A player rated 3-Stars or lower may be signed.
  3. 4-Star Nominating Contract– A player rated 4-Stars or lower may be signed.
  4. 5-Star Nominating Contract– A player that is rated 5-stars or lower may be signed.

How to earn Nominating Contracts

One can earn Nominating Contracts, simply by completing some of the Objectives listed under the Regular Objectives section, or sometimes even as a part of a special campaign listed under the Premium Objectives section. Only by participating in in-game Tour Events will you be able to accomplish these Objectives. However, unlike eFootball 2022, one can no longer earn Nominating Contracts from the eFootball Leagues and Worldwide Challenge Events.

From Tour Event Matches

Image via Konami

As we have seen in the 2022 version of the game, the developers often roll out special campaigns that allow us to earn 5-Star Nominating Contracts from Tour Events. Additionally, if you are participating in Tour Events for the first time, you will be gifted with a 5-Star Nominating Contract for the first five goals that you score. One can mainly earn Nominating Contract of every star rating from Tour Event Games.

Using Nominating Contracts to sign Players

  • For using Nominating Contracts to sign players, you first need to claim them from the Objectives section once you complete the goals set for earning that Nominating Contract. Go to Regular Objectives under the Objectives Section to do so and tap on Claim.
eFootball-2023-Nominating Contract-Packs
Image via Konami
  • You can now get the player of your choice from the Nominating Contract Packs available in that given week by navigating to the Special Player List under Contract.
  • A pack will be tagged as Nominating Contract if players can be redeemed from that pack using Nominating Contracts. However, the Star rating of the players in that pack should be either lower or equal to the star rating of the Nominating Contract Tickets that you own.

Chance Deals in eFootball 2023

Just like Nominating Contracts, Chance Deals are special in-game resources that enable users to draw a random player from the list of players falling under the Chance Deal Pack. It is synonymous with the Free-Pulls that we used to get in the earlier versions of the title.

Image via Konami

However, Chance Deals can not always be claimed from the in-game mailbox. We might need to play one or two Tour Event Games before we can finally claim them from the inbox. Apart from Legendary Player Packs, we can also sign players from Featured Player Packs and Standard Player Packs (mostly Club Packs of the Clubs Partnered with Konami).

How to earn Chance Deals

Just as we said there are primarily two ways to earn a Chance Deal:

  • They can be sent out as a Free Gift directly into your mailbox on a given Thursday after the maintenance ends.
  • You might require to play some Tour Matches from a specific Tour Event tailored for the purpose of getting you a Chance Deal.

Now, to take part in that special Tour Event, one must head to Dream Team. Generally, one needs to accumulate a certain amount of Tour Points from that Tour Event to be eligible for the Chance Deal Reward.

Image via Konami

You need to take on an AI-controlled squad in such Events. The points accumulated after each match depends on the Match Difficulty that you set and the Squad value. Your squad valuation is higher if you field players that take part in that particular league or belong to that particular side in the real world.

Things to Remember

  1. If it’s a Legendary Pack or Featured Chance Deal, to sign a player you just need to head to the Special Player List once you have claimed your Chance Deal from the inbox and tap on the Free button present on the Legendary Pack label.
  2. If it’s a Club Pack Chance Deal, you will find a dedicated Pack of the particular Club under the Special Player List once you claim the Chance Deal Reward from your inbox. You need to take part in Tour Events to be able to grab a Club Pack Chance Deal.


Many users tend to save their Nominating Contract Tickets so as to spend them only when their preferred player turns up in future Packs. Well, that is fine but, make sure to redeem Players using the Nominating Contract Tickets before they expire. As we mentioned earlier, Nominating Contract Tickets hold a 60-day validity. You can check the Date of expiry of your Nominating Contract Tickets by navigating to the Special Player List section under Contract and tapping on the Nominating Contract Button that you would find somewhere at the bottom of your screen.

Did you find our eFootball 2023 Guide on Nominating Contracts and Chance Deals useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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