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eFootball 2023 brings version 2.3.0,announcement of rewards claimable post-maintenance

Know what's in store for you in v2.3.0!

eFootball 2023, Konami‘s most well-known soccer video game, has launched version update 2.3.0. According to their official Twitter account and in-game notifications, the update is set to launch today December 22, 2022, and it will be the final one for this calendar year. Fans of eFootball are buzzing and excited about an upgrade getting released during the current Football Festival. In this article, we’ll analyze the eFootball 2023 version update 2.3.0 and look at the benefits fans may expect to receive after they log in following the upgrade.

eFootball 2023 version 2.3.0: Launch Date and Time

As previously announced by Konami, version update 2.3.0 was delayed owing to certain unanticipated circumstances and was originally intended to arrive on December 15th. However, the wait was only a week long because the developer house has verified that v2.3.0 has been released today, i.e., December 22, 2022. The update size is approximately 400 MB and is now available to download on the Google Play Store and App Store.

eFootball 2023 version 2.3.0: Updates and Rewards

Updates and Fixes

  • The player rosters for a few Campeonato Brasileiro (Brazilian League) clubs have been updated.
  • Data on players and managers have been updated.
  • The following data has also been updated: Boots, Strips, Commentary, and Pictures.

Gameplay Fixes and Adjustments

  • Minor adjustments have been implemented in Dribbling, Passing, Traps, Defense, and Fouls.
  • Minor adjustments to the positioning of players during a Match-up, have been implemented.
  • Some minor adjustments and fixes have been made in vs AI games to give the game a more realistic look and feel.
  • The problem where the cursor may switch unnecessarily even when Cursor Change was set to “Manual” has been resolved.

Claimable Rewards

Chance Deal

All users who log in after the maintenance period will receive one free chance deal in the Epic Player Pack, which has been rolled out this week. To be eligible for the award, users must install the update and log in by 01:59 UTC on December 26.

eFootball 2023 version 2.3.0 Free Chance Deal
Image via Konami

The free Chance Deal will be added to your inbox right away after you log in. The Epic and Epic Big Time Player Cards in this week’s German Best Captain’s pack are:

  • K. Rummenigge
  • F. Beckenbauer
  • L.Matthaus(Epic Big Time)

eFootball International Cup Rewards

Following the release of version 2.3.0, the prizes for the recently finished eFootball International Cup will also be distributed. Users were required to select 1 National Side as their Base team during this tournament. According to their ranking, the top 35 countries and regions will receive a total of 1 billion eFootball Coins.

eFootball 2023 Season 2 eFootball International Cup
Image via Konami

Compensation Rewards

A total of 15,000 Game Point rewards will be sent out to all users that have created an account by 22/12/2022 02:00 (UTC), as compensation rewards for the Known Issues that have been fixed.

eFootball 2023: A Look Ahead

We’ll talk about Konami’s upcoming intentions for the Epic, Epic (Big Time) Player cards, and additional enhancements slated for upcoming upgrades now.

Upcoming Epic and Epic Big Time Player Cards

New Epic and Epic Big Time player cards will be introduced to the game as part of the Football Festival. The Holiday Season Campaign will continue till January 12th, 2023. So, throughout this time, you can anticipate seeing the following players:

  • Epic Player Cards: K. Rummenigge, F. Beckenbauer, Kaka
  • Epic Big Time Player Cards: L. Matthaus, D.Stojkovic, David Villa, Zico
eFootball 2023 Upcoming Epic Big Time Cards
Image via Konami

Increase in the Number of Teams and Leagues in Authentic Teams

As a result of user input, eFootball previously declared in a road map that they would increase the number of teams and leagues available under Authentic Teams as part of the winter upgrade. Users had speculated about this expansion after this update because it is the final one of the year. This would be compensated material. To unlock these Teams/Leagues, you must either pay money or possibly a particular number of eFootball Coins. Users were not particularly interested in the offline form of Authentic Teams. More teams to pick from while playing against them, though, might sway some people toward this option. However, it was not added to the v2.3.0 file. More teams to pick from while playing against them, though, might sway some people toward this option. So, it is safe to say that this expansion is definitely on the cards in future updates.

Introduction of Cross-Platform Matches

For fans, this is possibly the most thrilling information. Cross-Platform Matches were to be introduced with the winter update, Konami said earlier this year. That is, through online matchmaking and the friend match lobby, console and mobile players can compete against one another. However, this feature has not been added in today’s update. It would be fascinating to observe how they implement this change and if they fulfill their promises or not.

The inclusion of a few editing features

Additionally, Konami had mentioned making some editing tools accessible to users after the winter update in 2022. Therefore, we can assume that the game will get some editing features in further updates as it was bypassed in this update file.

Inclusion of Master League for mobile devices

For those who are unaware, Master League is a premium feature in eFootball 2023’s console edition. It resembles FIFA‘s Career Mode in many ways. Konami is currently working on bringing Master League to mobile devices. It will, however, be available as paid content. Although no specific date has been given as of yet, Konami intends to release it as part of one of the version updates sometime in 2023. We need to keep an eye out for more information from the Developer House about it.

Final Thoughts

If the developers honor their promises, eFootball has a bright future. It would be interesting to see how they implement the cross-platform play while simultaneously eliminating all the bugs. Even though it is premium content, Master League will undoubtedly attract some new players to this well-liked soccer game.

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