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eFootball 2023 Guide: How to get and utilize Contract Renewal Tickets

Manage your remaining Contract Tickets wisely!

The shortest season of Konami‘s well-known soccer simulation game, eFootball, came to a close on August 25, 2022. For both mobile and console, the game has been updated from its 2022 to 2023 version. However, just as it was in the 2022 Season, Contract Renewal Tickets remain an elusive resource in eFootball 2023, and earning just one Contract Renewal Ticket would demand intense grinding. In this guide, we will be explaining what Contract Renewal Tickets are, in simple terms, and give some valuable input on how to manage your remaining contract tickets to make the most out of them.

What are Contract Renewal Tickets in eFootball 2023

Contract Renewal Tickets in eFootball 2023 are in-game items that enable players to extend the contracts of their Expired Player Cards. When we mention Expired Player Cards, we mean the Legendary Player Cards that were last renewed 60 or more days back. All such Legendary Player Cards have transited from the 2022 season to the 2023 Season, as Expired Legendary Player Cards.

Image via Konami

With every Contract Renewal Ticket that you spend, the Contract of your Legendary Player card will be extended by a period of 60 days. If you sign a new Legendary Player Card this season, he would by default hold a 60-day contract with your Dream Team after which renewal is needed. The Standard Player Cards and the Legendary Player Cards that you redeem from Shop, however, hold a 365-day contract from the date of signing.

How to get Contract Renewal Tickets in eFootball 2023

Let’s discuss how to obtain Contract Renewal Tickets now that we are aware of them.

By Navigating to the eFootball Point Shop

Contract Renewal Tickets are only available through exchange with your e-Football Points, just like they were in eFootball 2022. Getting just 1 in-game Contract ticket requires paying a steep amount. You can trade one Contract Ticket for 25,000 eFootball Points from the eFootball Point Shop.

Image Via Konami

Previously when eFootball 2022 was launched, existing users had received some Contract Renewal Tickets as a one-time Login Bonus, based on/her total collection of Iconic Moment Cards in PES 2021. However, the game did not gift us with any such bonuses in the 2023 Season.

How to spend and utilize Contract Renewal Tickets in eFootball 2023

Not every time can you afford to exchange Contract Renewal Tickets with eFootball Points. You will run out of eFootball Points eventually, But in online games, we must field a formidable group of 18 players made up of legendary players. As a result, we must effectively manage them. Here are some valuable tips and advice from our end on managing Contract Renewal Tickets in eFootball 2023.

1. Pick only those Legendary Players who would feature in your starting 11

Only grant contracts to legendary players who will join your starting lineup. Consider the case where numerous users created a team centered around iconic and legendary player cards that appear in their preferred team (let’s use Barcelona as an example).

Image via Konami

Therefore, if you intend to play with a full team of players that feature in a particular club, only renew the Contracts of their Legendary Equivalents. Each Legendary Card would need roughly 6x Contract Tickets for a full year’s contract.

2. Prioritize renewing the higher-rated Legendary Player Cards

You should initially look to extend the contract of the High-Rated Legendary Cards (85+ Base Rating) if you have plans to cycle your Legendary players in and out of the squad, play more than one squad, or build more than one squad (the likes of Cruyff, Romario, Rummenigge, Van Basten, Neymar, Messi, Beckenbauer, Fernando Torres, Roberto Carlos, Andres Iniesta just to name a few). Give them just one Contract Ticket (60-Day Contact) in this situation so that you can renew as many players as you can.

Image Via Konami

That is the main goal of resource management. Renewing players who won’t be part of your squad serves no purpose.

3. Get rid of your unwanted or duplicate Legendary Players

Don’t offer a Contract Renewal Ticket to duplicate Legendary Player cards if you have any. Giving Contracts to many versions of the same card is useless because they all have the same stats and skills. We suggest releasing all duplicate cards and keeping only one Legend Version and one Iconic Moment Version of each Player card. You will additionally gain Level Training Programs in the process, which you could then utilize to level up the players in your primary team. Therefore, it is a win-win scenario.

Did you find our guide on How to acquire and utilize Contract Renewal Tickets in eFootball 2023 useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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