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eFootball 2023 Guide: How to gain and utilize Progression Points

Take your Team Playstyle to 100 in no time!

August 25 marked the premature end of eFootball 2022, as the 2023 version of the game announced its grand arrival. Konami has faced a lot of backlashes previously, as fans had vented their frustration out on eFootball 2022 which seemingly was the weakest Season update in the history of the franchise. However, they have made some adjustments and additions in eFootball 2023 that have somewhat bettered the user experience. In this guide, we will be doing a breakdown of Level Training Programs and Progression Points.

Even though this is not a new concept that has been introduced in eFootball 2023, many users still seem baffled by Progression Points and find it a tad difficult to decide on the attributes that they should be spending their Progression Points to utilize the player to his maximum potential. In this guide, we will go into great detail about level training programs, including where to find them and how to use them. We’ll also talk in-depth about the newly added Progression Points, how to get them, and how to use them wisely in eFootball 2022 to elevate your team’s Playstyle to 100.

Utilizing Experience Points to Train Players

Level Training Programs are an in-game item with which users can level up their player cards by feeding them with Experience Points, i.e, Gaining Experience Points allows your Player card to advance up the levels. There are 2 ways by which your Player Card can gain Experience Points.

  1. Playing matches is the primary means of gaining Experience. Every game that your player cards participate in, regardless of the game mode, awards them experience points. Your Manager’s Affinity will determine how many Experience Points each of your players receives.
  2. You may also earn experience points through Level Training Programs. You must provide your player cards with level training programs, sometimes referred to as trainers, inform to efficiently level up by gaining more experience points.

How to acquire Level Training Programs

1. Make sure to take part in both Online and Offline Events

Image via Konami

Level Training Programs can be obtained by participating in a variety of in-game activities, such as Tour Events, Challenge Events, and Online eFootball League Events. If you wish to quickly level up one of our players, do not miss out on these events.

2. Letting go of Players from your squad

Image via Konami

The undesired players you own can be released. In eFootball 2022, releasing players grants you access to level training programs. The multiplier for the Level Training Program that you obtain will depend on the Card Type and the Player Stats that you Release. Release any duplicate Legendary Cards you hold.

3. Exchanging them with eFootball Points from the Shop

Image via Konami

You can get Training Level Programs by exchanging your eFootball Points for them. The minimal eFootball Points required are dependent on the Multiple of Exp. Training Program. 1,250 eFootball Points can be used to purchase one EXP. 1,250 Training Programs for example.

Progression Points in eFootball 2023

In eFootball 2022, a player’s overall rating does not change on its own when they gain levels. He is instead rewarded with progression points. Let’s now examine in detail what Progression Points are. Progression Points are an in-game resource that can be used to improve the Team Playstyle as well as our players’ overall statistics. Progression Points must be used in both locations.

How to use Progression Points effectively in eFootball 2023

To gain Progression Points for a particular Player Card:

  • Tap on the player card you wish to train, then select level training from the menu.
  • The player should then be fed with level training programs by selecting from the options available, till he attains max-level.
  • Experience Points are awarded to the Player Card when he levels up. Re-tap that player card and select the Player Progression option when you return.

You will notice two categories: Team Playstyle Proficiency and Player Stats.

Upgrading Player Stats

YourPlayer’s overall development is taken care of in the Player Stats section. Each player has unique skills, such as place kicking, curling, finishing, low passing, and lofted passes, to mention a few. These categories have now been combined into a total of ten categories. For instance, the categories Place Kicking, Curl, and Finishing have been combined into a single category.

Image via Konami

Since you must also spend some Progression Points on the Team Playstyle Proficiency Section, you won’t have enough to spend on all of the categories. Depending on the player position, you must use your progression points in a specific category. Fret not, the table below would assist you on where to invest your Progression Points:

Player PositionPrimary SkillsSecondary Skills
Center Forward (CF)Shooting (Finishing, Set Piece Taking, Curl) and Dexterity (Offensive Awareness, Acceleration, Balance)Dribbling (Dribbling, Ball Control, Tight Possession) and Aerial Strength (Heading, Jumping, Physical Contact)
Second Striker (SS)Shooting, Dexterity, and DribblingLower Body(Kicking Power, Speed, Stamina) and Passing(Low Pass, Lofted Pass).
Wing Forward (LW/RW)Dribbling, DexterityLower Body, Shooting, Passing
Attacking Midfield (AMF)Dribbling, PassingDexterity, Lower Body, Shooting
Center Midfield (CMF)Lower Body, Passing, Dribbling, Defending (Defensive Awareness, Tackling, Aggression, Defensive Engagement)Dexterity
Defensive Midfield (DMF)Defending, Lower BodyPassing, Dribbling, Aerial Strength
Side Midfield (LMF/RMF)Lower BodyDexterity, Dribbling, Passing
Center Back (CB)Defending, Aerial StrengthLowe Body, Dexterity
Side Back (LB/RB)Lower Body, Dexterity, DefendingPassing, Dribbling, Aerial Strength
Goalkeeper (GK)GK1 (GK Awareness, Jumping), GK2 (GK Parrying, GK Reach), and GK3 (GK Catching, GK Reflexes)Aerial Strength
Info via Reddit

Prioritize investing in the Primary Skills first and then go for Secondary Skills if you have some Progression Points left.

Upgrading Team Playstyle to 100

In no time, you can raise your team playstyle proficiency to 100. There are qualities (playstyles) in this section as well that you can purchase with your progression points. These include Long Ball, Out Wide, Quick Counter, Possession Game, and Long Ball Counter.

The Playstyle your manager is proficient at will determine how things play out. You can now choose your own Team Formation and Playstyle in eFootball 2022. In other words, you can use any Formation and Playstyle, regardless of the Manager. However, there is a particular/default Playstyle at which your Manager is the most proficient.

Image via Konami

Let’s say your Manager has Long Ball Counter as his Default Playstyle. In this scenario, you need to spend some Progression Points in the Long Ball Counter quality under Team Playstyle so as to take that up to 99. If you do the same for every player in your first XI, your squad will reach a 100 Team Playstyle.

Did you find our guide on How to gain and utilize Progression Points in eFootball 2023 useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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