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eFootball 2023 Guide: How to obtain and use eFootball Points

Follow these ways to keep racking up eFootball Points!

Following the version update from 2022 to 2023, the importance of eFootball Points as an in-game currency has doubled up in Konami’s popular soccer series, eFootball. Users can finally sign Legendary Player Cards from the eFootball Point Shop by spending their earned eFootball Points. One can additionally exchange Level Training Programs and Contract Tickets with their eFootball Points in eFootball 2023. Clearly, one needs to stack up loads and loads of eFootball Points so as to strengthen their squad with Legendary Players and get the assets required to level them up and renew their Contracts post expiration. In this eFootball 2023 Guide, we would be talking about eFootball Points and the various ways by which users can earn more and more eFootball Points.

Introducing the eFootball Points

Users who have played the game in the previous two editions are already familiar with the concept of eFootball Points. For the newbies, eFootball Points are in-game currencies in eFootball 2023 that can be used to redeem for various in-game items including Level Training Programs (EXPs), Progression Points, and, Player Cards (both Legendary and Featured).

Image via Konami

The number of eFootball Points needed depends on the item with which you want to exchange your Points:

  1. For Player Cards(both Legendary and Featured), you need a total of 5,000 eFootball Points for each Player Card that you redeem.
  2. For Contract Renewal Tickets, you need to spend a total of 25,000 eFootball Points to get hold of just one.
  3. For Training XPs, you need to spend between 125-5,000 eFootball Points for a single Training Program depending on the XP value on the Training Program Label.

How to earn eFootball Points in eFootball 2023

There are primarily 4 ways of earning eFootball Points in eFootball 2023:

  • Participating in the eFootball League.
  • Completing some of the Regular Objectives
  • As Special Login Rewards.
  • Spectating the Livestream of eFootball Championship Open(you will be notified about the same on the in-game home screen.

Now, how does one redeem these items with their earned eFootball Points? The simple answer to that is by navigating to the eFootball Point Shop under the in-game Shop menu. You then need to choose between the Player and Items Menu based on what you want to redeem with your earned Points.

Note: Players must additionally note that eFootball Points hold an expiry date, i.e., they expire after certain days, starting from the day you claim them from the inbox. You can keep a tap on that by navigating to the eFootball Point Shop and clicking on the Details Button from the page. Make sure to redeem items with those Points before they expire.

How to earn and stack up more eFootball Points

As we all know, eFootball 2023 is a multi-platform game, i.e., we can play with the same Konami ID across multiple platforms, be it Mobile, P.C., Playstation, or XBOX. Now, even though, we can play it across various platforms, we often tend to use our eFootball Points to redeem players/items only on our preferred platform of play. Say, for instance, one plays the game both on Mobile and P.C.

But, when it comes to redeeming their favorite Legendary Player from the eFootball Point Shop, he would prefer to redeem it on only one platform which he uses the most, say, P.C. Now, one can always transfer their eFootball Points earned across various platforms and stock up the same number of eFootball Points in every platform.

For users, who play the game on only one platform, say P.C., we would suggest you download eFootball 2023 on a second platform, say, your mobile as well. Make sure to use the same ID and login credentials Even if you do not play on that second platform, you can always log in each day to accumulate the eFootball Points available from Special Login Rewards, or by spectating the eFootball Championship Open.

When you get time, you can play one or two eFootball League games on your second platform as well. The eFootball Points that you earn from the second device would all get stocked up on your preferred platform if you link your data. The steps below, guide you on how to do the same. As a reference, we are taking the preferred platform as mobile and the secondary platform as P.C.

  • Launch the game on your secondary platform(in our example, P.C.), and navigate to the eFootball Point Shop under the in-game Shop Section.
  • Just as on any other platform, you would be asked to choose between Players and Items. Now to link your data with your preferred platform, you have to redeem some in-game items with eFootball Points on your Secondary Platform. So, we suggest you go for the item that requires the lowest number of eFootball Points, i.e., a 100 EXP Training Program.
  • When you choose that for redeeming a pop-up screen titled, Terms of Use Updated would show up on your screen. There would be a QR Code on that pop-up. You need to scan that QR code from your preferred platform. You may use a third-party app for scanning or can even get it done by using the built-in camera application on your Primary Platform.
Image via Konami
  • Once scanned, a link would appear on the screen of your preferred device. Click on that.
  • You will be redirected to a page asking for your Login credentials, i.e, Konami ID and Password. Once you successfully log in, the data will be transferred to your Primary Platform. Open the game on your preferred platform now. You will see that all your eFootball Points(sum total of eFootball Points across both platforms) have been stocked up on your preferred platform. You can now use them on your First-Choice Platform.

2. Participate in the eFootball League to rise across Divisions

eFootball League involves Online Player Vs Player matchmaking where each win earns you 3 points. You are given 10 shots to accumulate a certain amount of points within those 10 attempts to be eligible for a Division Promotion. Users start from Division 10 and with each Division that you climb, you are rewarded with a certain number of eFootball Points as a Promotion bonus. So, it is a no-brainer that you should not miss out on this opportunity to accumulate as many eFootball Points as possible and go up the Divisions at the same time to eventually achieve a Ranking. The eFootball Point Rewards after promotion in each Phase are as follows:

  • Division 10- 500 eFootball Points
  • Division 9- 1,500 eFootball Points
  • Division 8- 1,700 eFootball Points
  • Division 7- 1,900 eFootball Points
  • Division 6- 2,100 eFootball Points
  • Division 5- 2,300 eFootball Points
  • Division 4- 2,500 eFootball Points
  • Division 3- 2,700 eFootball Points
  • Division 2- 2,900 eFootball Points
  • Division 1- 3,000 eFootball Points
Image via Konami

So, everyone can achieve a cumulative total of 21,100 eFootball Points on reaching Division 1. Moreover, you also earn some eFootball Points based on the Ranking that you achieve after you finally make it through to the topmost Division.

Image via Konami

3. Check out the career objectives that will reward you with eFootball Points

Another source of earning eFootball Points is by completing certain Career Objectives. You can view them by navigating to the Missions Tab. Make sure to check them out and complete the Objectives as soon as possible to claim the rewards from your in-game Gift Box.

Image via Konami

4. Do not miss out on the freebies

The game often sends out eFootball Points as Special Login Rewards. So, make sure to log in each day so that you do not miss out on them. Additionally, make sure to spectate the live stream of the eFootball Championship Open whenever Konami brings in that event.

Image via Konami

You will be notified about the same in your in-game message box and on the home screen as well. Users who watch this live stream within the stipulated receive 5,00 eFootball Points immediately in their inbox. Look to cash on these freebies.

Final Remarks

If not everything, eFootball Points are undoubtedly an important resource in eFootball 2023. They can help you get your favorite Legendary or Featured Player card to strengthen your Dream Team and even the much-needed items to train him and renew him once his contract with your side expires. We have covered all the means by which you can earn more eFootball Points in this guide. If you have any doubts regarding eFootball Points, you can always refer to this guide for quick assistance.

Did you find our guide on eFootball Points and how to maximize earning them in eFootball 2023 useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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