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eFootball 2023 Guide: How to obtain and use GPs

Follow these steps to amass more GPs and use them wisely!

With Coins gradually becoming an elusive resource and the probability of packing Legendary and Epic Players going down owing to 150 Players in the Packs, GPs have become a precious resource in eFootball 2023. The new Contract Renewal System is another drawback since you need to renew the Contract of your Legendary Player Cards every 60 days and 1 Contract Renewal Ticket comes at a heavy price of 25,000 eFootball Points. Clearly, now is the time to normalize playing with a squad of Standard Player Cards and the only ways to redeem them in eFootball 2023 are either via Free Chance Deals or by spending your GPs on them.

In this eFootball 2023 Guide, we will talk about another in-game resource, GP, and share some valuable tips and tricks to stacking up more of them to get your favorite Standard Player Cards.

Introducing GP as a resource in eFootball 2023

Users who have played the earlier versions of this Soccer title are already familiar with GPs. However, the use-case of GPs has somewhat changed in eFootball 2023. We will come to that but first, let us first re-iterate what GP is for the newbies.

GP is an in-game currency in eFootball 2023 that can be used for making various in-game purchases. Now, how can one earn GP rewards? The simple answer to that is, by just playing the game. Earlier, in the eFootball Series, we had the concept of Box Draws and Player Auctions where players needed to spend their GPs and try their luck in bagging their favorite Player or a scout of their desired Club and Scout Rating. Players could additionally, spend their GPs on renewing the Contracts of their squad members after every 10 games. But now, the tables have turned somewhat.

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How to obtain GP in eFootball 2023

  1. GP rewards can be obtained as Daily Login bonuses or as a compensation reward from Admin owing to an in-game issue or extended maintenance.
  2. They can be obtained as rewards for accumulating certain points in various in-game Tours, Challenges, and Online events. The amount of GPs that you earn after each match depends on the result of the game, your squad valuation in that particular Tour Event, and also the AI Difficulty Level.
  3. They can be redeemed for free on completing various Objectives that have a certain amount of GP rewards set as a Completion Price.
  4. They can be additionally earned by releasing Players that you own.

Where to use your GP in eFootball 2023

Unlike in the older editions, in eFootball 2023, you can any Standard Player Card that you wish to have provided you have the required GP in your stock that is needed to redeem that player. Simply put, you will be using GPs in eFootball 2023, mainly to pack your favorite Standard Player Card or for signing your desired Manager. The player/manager could be of any Club of Nationality. To redeem a Standard Player Card, one must:

  • Navigate to the Contract section from the in-game home screen.
  • Choose Standard Player List from the menu options.
  • To get your favorite player from the list of Players in that section, you need to filter the players in that section by their Nationality and the Club that they represent, or the position that they play. Redeem them with your earned GP once they show up.

How to earn GP in eFootball 2023

Now that we know where to use our earned GP, let us know the various ways by which we can maximize our GP earnings. Here are a few observations and tips from our end.

Do not miss out on the Daily Login Rewards

In eFootball 2023, you can earn a total of 60,000 GP from Daily Login Rewards every week, 10k each day barring the 5th day of the week. You just have to launch the game every day after 2 a.m. UTC. and claim the rewards from your inbox once they are added. Make sure to grab these freebies and never miss out on them.

Image via Konami

Grind all the in-game Tour and Challenge Events

Every week at least 3 new Tour Events rotate in and out of the game. While some of them, earn you 30,000 GP as rewards, the others earn you 10,000 GP. The GP rewards you earn depend on the Tour length(i.e., the number of points that you have to accumulate to claim them). At least 50,000 GP is claimable from Tour Events weekly.

Image via Konami

Additionally, as a first-month bonus event, Konami has added a Starter Tour Event that will be live for another 30 days. This Starter Tour Event can get users a mammoth 2,00,000 GP upon completion. Here are a few suggestions from our end regarding Tour Events:

1. Field a team by Focusing on the Player Bonus

Besides the match result, the number of points that you accumulate per Tour Event Match is determined by another important multiple that is known as Squad Valuation. Say, for example, you are playing an Italian League Tour, then the Players in your squad will get a Player bonus if the players are from Clubs that feature in the Italian League.

Image via Konami

If you wish to finish the Tour event off and get your GP rewards as soon as possible, then you must build a squad consisting of at least a few players from the clubs mentioned in the Tour Event Bonus Section. The best way to do so is by entering the Tour Event and Auto-Picking your squad by Player Bonus. This would by default pick your best squad from amongst your players, which can earn you the maximum Points possible per match.

2. Change the Match Setting to AI-controlled

Another addition that has been made in eFootball 2023 is AI-Controlled Tour Event matches. That is, you can now change the Match settings to AI so that it is an AI vs AI encounter. You do not even need to play all the games by yourself. We would suggest you make full use of this new Setting and grind the Tour Event while you are doing some other work so as not to miss out on the rewards obtainable from them due to lack of time.

3. Prioritize completing the Weekly Tour Events first

Look to complete the Weekly Tour Events first. The Starter Tour Event is available for another month. So, you can complete that anytime at your leisure.

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Additionally, the Worldwide Clubs Challenge event can earn you a total of 40,000 GP each week upon completing the first two Challenge Sets,i.e., Aim for 1+ Points, and 3+ Points against users online. So make sure to participate in Challenge Events as well to keep stacking up more and more GP rewards.

eFootball League is equally rewarding

Image via Konami

Participating in the eFootball League is like accomplishing two things at a time. Firstly, you can climb up the Divisions and achieve a rank. Secondly, the game rewards you with GP as a one-time promotion reward after climbing up each Division. The amount of GP obtainable after each division promotion increases as you constantly move up. You can claim a total of 79,000 GP when you reach Division 1.

Complete the milestones listed in the Objectives Section

Various milestones are listed under the Campaign Objectives and Regular Objectives that can earn users GP rewards. The milestones are pretty easy to complete and mainly concern playing and winning matches, scoring goals, and maintaining clean sheets in various in-game events.

Image via Konami

Additionally, achieving certain milestones in Collective Team Strength and Team Playstyle also earn you GP rewards. You will find out that you have unknowingly completed many of those milestones. Navigate to the Missions tab and check out the objectives to amass as many GPs as possible. You may also check out the various Objectives and the amount of GP rewards claimable upon completing those, here.

Release your unwanted or duplicate Player Cards

There is no use-case in retaining the Players who do not get a chance in your 11. If you have such unwanted Player Cards or even Duplicate Player Cards that have been carried forward from the previous versions, just look to unlock and release them.

Image via Konami

This would not only gift you some GPs but also the much-needed Level Training Programs that can help your main Players in leveling up. So it is a win-win situation for you. The amount of GP rewards that can be obtained upon releasing a Player depends on the Player Card Type and Star Rating.

Final Thoughts

Besides eFootball Points, GP as a resource has also gained higher importance in this version as they facilitate signing every Standard Player Card in the game.  We have covered all the means by which you can earn more GP rewards, in this guide. If you have any doubts regarding GPs, you can always refer to this guide for quick assistance.

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Did you find our guide on GP and how to maximize earning them in eFootball 2023 useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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