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Tower of Fantasy global version will bring Marc and Bai Yuekui as per the latest leaks

Both of them are exclusive limited-edition characters

Tower of Fantasy is getting plenty of attention both from the community side as well as from the developer team. Just after its release in August, the game recently had its first major 1.5 artificial island update. With the game trying to catch up with its Chinese version, the latest Tower of Fantasy leaks reveal Marc and Bai Yuekui in the game files.

Marc and Bai Yuekui will arrive in the global version of Tower of Fantasy

Both Marc and Bai Yuekui were introduced as limited-edition characters in the Tower of Fantasy CN version. So there was a big doubt in the community if they will ever arrive in the global version. However, according to the recent data mines, the character details are already there. According to the details shared by the data miner, it seems like Marc and Bai Yuekui are a work in progress.

For now, both the characters do not have any voice acting which seems to be fine as voice acting takes time. If you are curious, you can check the detailed list of ToF voice actors.

As seen on the screenshots, it seems like Cobalt-B banner is also planned somewhere around these 2 characters. Information on Cobalt-B banner is already leaked.

Marc is a character every ToF player would like to have

Marc is a heavily defensive character who possesses Physical element. He adds a lot of value in any team comp just like Lin, so this is the main reason why the community is already hyped. The character is known as an overpowered character already. So it would be interesting to see how the ToF dev team balance him before pushing him to the global version.

On the other hand, Bai Yuekui adds immense value to the Volt composition. Although Nemesis is already a decent character but Bai Yuekui is going to be the core of the team according to the Chinese meta. So for the players who run Volt comp, Bai Yuekui’s arrival will add a lot of value.

When will Marc release in the global version of Tower of Fantasy

As of now, there’s no information on when but definitely we can see the dev team is gearing up for Marc’s arrival in the global version of ToF. The next major is going to be the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update that will bring Vera and Mirroria (info regarding Vera is also leaked). Marc was originally introduced in the 10th week in the CN version. However, it seems its already quite late for that. So it is expected that Marc’s banner will be arriving somewhere around or before January.

What do you think about these Tower of Fantasy leaks? Tell us in the comments below.

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