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Tower of Fantasy brings New Year Garden Party event along with Annabella, Cobalt-B rerun, and more

Tower of fantasy gets another big update.

Tower of Fantasy brings yet another big update with lots of events and a new simulacrum Annabella. We will also get to see a rerun of Cobalt-B and Ruby. There is also a new gift pack available in the limited gift shop to purchase. Also, a new skin of Ruby is going to be released soon. They also announced that there is a bug in Annabella’s passive which will be fixed soon. The previous simulacrum of Tian Lang and Lyra is now gone.

Tower of Fantasy: New simulacrum Annabella

Annabella is the new SSR simulacrum coming to the game. She is a fire-type character who uses a sniper Clover Cross as her main weapon. Annabella’s limited cache is going to stay from UTC 3:00 2023/01/12 to UTC 21:00 2023/02/01. So if you were aiming for her make sure to grab her before the deadline. Annabella is going to be one of the core members of the fire team. So fire mains should definitely get her. Here are some stats about Annabella:

  • Type: DPS
  • Element: Flame
  • Shatter: 12.00
  • Charge: 9.00
Tower of fantasy, Tower of fantasy ssr Annabella
Image via Hotta Studio

Should you pull for Annabella

The answer actually depends on whether you are a fire team player. For fire main players, Annabella might be a good option if you want to pair her up with Ruby or Cobalt-B. However, she is not an absolutely necessary character for your team. So you can take an informed decision depending on how you want to want to run your team.

Tower of Fantasy: Cobalt-B and Ruby reissue

Although there is no news of Frigg’s rerun, Tower of Fantasy brings back Cobalt-B as a rerun, which was introduced after Frigg. Tower of fantasy also announced that there will be Ruby’s rerun after the end of Cobalt’s. The reissue of Cobalt-B will happen from UTC 3:00 2023/01/12 to UTC 21:00 2023/01/21. And Ruby’s reissue will happen just after that from UTC 3:00 2023/01/22 to UTC 21:00 2023/02/01.

Tower of fantasy, Tower of fantasy SSR simulacrum Cobalt-B
Image via Hotta Studio

Tower of fantasy: New Year Garden Party event

This New year garden party event will complete in three stages. You have to participate in the events to get a token called Fortune Fan. With the token, you can claim rewards. You can only get 1000 tokens per day. Here are some details about the current and upcoming events.

1. Floating Bumpers

The first event that is coming is Floating Bumpers. In this event, you have to stay at the platform till everyone falls. The platform will also disappear after you step on it. There will be a bunch of buffs and items which will help you survive till the end.

There will be a total of 8 participants at the start and you have stayed on the platform till everyone falls. You will get a token reward called Fortune Fans depending on your rank. The rewards are as follows: 1st- 1000, 2nd- 800, 3rd- 600, 4th,5th- 500, 6th- 400, 7th,8th- 300. The event will run from UTC 3:00 2023/01/12 to UTC 21:00 2023/02/01.

2. Break From Destiny: Co-Op Battle

Break from destiny will be the second event. It will run from UTC 3:00 2023/01/18 to UTC 21:00 2023/02/01. In this event, you have to defeat the boss within the time limit. You will get rewards depending on your damage to the boss. The rewards are as follows:

  • On success: Rank 1-2: 1000, Rank 3-4: 900, Rank 5-6: 800, Rank 7-8: 600
  • On failure: Rank 1-3: 500, Rank 4-6: 400, Rank 7-8: 300

3. Dreamy Disco

The last stage of the event is called Dreamy disco. It will run from UTC 3:00 2023/01/24 to UTC 21:00 2023/02/01. In this event, you have to observe the dance and try to recreate the dance move. The more moves you imitate more reward you will get. You will get 5 to 500 tokens depending on how many moves you will recreate. An additional 250 tokens will be distributed among all 8 players participating depending on their moves.

Tower of fantasy new year garden party event
Image via Hotta Studio

Tower of Fantasy: New year garden party and Supply run rewards

There will be also lots of rewards coming with this update. Firstly from the New year garden party event you will get the following big rewards:

  • 6 Red Nucleus
  • 1000 Mira
  • 30 Spacetime Crystal Fragment
  • 1 Fortress Combat Equipment Box
  • 2 Gold Nucleus
  • New Year’s Journey Avatar Frame
  • Rabbit Welcomes Spring Chat Frame
  • Bunny Mi-a Skin
  • Annabella: Awakening Avatar
  • 60 SR Relic Shard Box
  • 30 Weapon Augmentation Box 2
  • 15 Vera Special Gifts
  • 8 Joint Supply Chips 1

Along with these, you will get some Cluster, Matrix Data Pack 3, Weapon Augmentation Box 1, Weapon Battery 3, Crystal Chunks, Crystals, Elemental Ore Shard Box, and golds.

A supply run will start from UTC 3:00 2023/01/12 to UTC 21:00 2023/02/01. The rewards will be as follows:

  • Day 1: 8 Weapon Augmentation Box 1
  • Day 2: 1 Red Nucleus
  • Day 3: 8 Element Ore Box
  • Day 4: 1 Red Nucleus
  • Day 5: 8 Weapon Augmentation Box 2
  • Day 6: 3 Red Nucleus
  • Day 7: Nappy New Year Avatar

Tower of Fantasy Lunar New Year Holiday Daily Gift

There will also be some gifts like the “Lunar New Year Holiday Daily Gift”, where you can claim 50 dark crystals for 1 coin. This will run from 2023/01/21 to 2023/01/25.

Also, some skins are coming which you can purchase in the shop. The first skin will be the “No Fear of the Sun” skin for Annabella which will be available from 2023/1/12 to 2023/2/1 and the second skin will be for Ruby which will be called “Scarlet Ruby” which will be available from 2023/1/21 to 2023/1/25.

This update brings lots of new events, new simulacrum, and rewards. Overall this update is best for fire mains. In the addition of Annabella and also the reissue of Cobalt-B and later on Ruby, fire will be sure to dominate for some time.

What are your thoughts on this new Tower of fantasy update? Let us know in the comment!

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