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Tower of Fantasy Grayspace guide: How to enter, boss locations, and more

Beat the new bosses

Vera 2.0, a recent update from Tower of Fantasy, introduces a number of new places for players on the Global Servers to discover and explore. Players can freely explore “Grayspace,” another reality, in Vera, a big and expansive desert location. As its name implies, Grayspace is only a different dimension of the Vera area that is visually drab and greyed out. The exploration of Grayspace must be completed, and there are local Bosses to contend with. In this guide we’ll be describing and directing you around the new, enormous alternate realm of Grayspace in Tower of Fantasy.

How to enter Grayspace in Tower of Fantasy using Grayspace Fissures

These green ‘Grayspace Fissures’ are the sole entry points into the Grayspace. Six of these green portals, which are randomly placed around the Vera map, are available to players each day. Be aware that after you teleport to the portal and enter the Grayspace, you cannot leave that realm by teleporting away or dying there. If you do, you will be immediately expelled.

Players are recommended to make the most of their limited exploration time because the Grayspace Fissures only have a single use once you reach the Grayspace region and you only have 8 minutes in total.

Tower of Fantasy Vera puzzles and mechanisms
Image via level Infinite

There is still another way to reach the Grayspace Fissures in the required area. The participants will receive a thing called “Grayspace Scriptures” from Tower of Fantasy. Placing these objects where you are now positioned on the Vera map allows you to access the Grayspace from any point. The green fissure gateway will then appear exactly where you are.

It should be noted that “Grayspace Scriptures” are scarce goods, hence it is advised that players only utilize them to teleport to Grayspace bosses when they are encountered.

Here are all the requirements to enter the Grayspace Dimension:

  • Players need to be at least Level 74 and/or above.
  • Must have a minimum of 40% progress completion of the Vera region.

Tower of Fantasy: Grayspace exploration progress guide

You have a total of 48 minutes to explore Grayspace because you may only access the area six times each day (excluding the Grayspace Scriptures). Grayspace also has exploration progress to finish, much like every other sector.

Collectibles like Purple Crystal Dust and Gold Crystal Dust may be found in abundance in Grayspace. There are additionally 21 Space Rifts altogether. Around the Rift, several opponents will spawn for you to slay. You will receive a variety of goodies, like Gold Nucleus and ancient Vera Coins, if you kill the adversaries and seal the Space Rift.

tower of fantasy grayspace progression
Image via Level Infinite

Players are recommended to maintain track of their exploration progress and the regions they have already investigated because the Grayspace Fissures are randomly generated. To manually track your progress and the goods you have harvested in Grayspace, we advise using 3rd party websites like this Tower of Fantasy World Anvil interactive map. The website included exact coordinates for every Space Rift and Crystal Dust location that could be found on the map.

Tower of Fantasy: Grayspace enemy world bosses to fight

Currently, Grayspace must battle Puppet Singer, Abyssant Devourer, and Abyssant Weaver, three World Bosses. Be aware that players cannot form teams in Grayspace areas or invite other players to join your squad. Players must therefore engage in a solo battle with each Boss to defeat them. A red fissure will appear around the area where you may collect your prizes once the bosses have been defeated.

1. The Puppet Singer

tower of fantasy the puppet singer
Image via Level Infinite

A boss named The Puppet Singer may be found next to the boss room where “Rudolph” resides. This enemy, which was just included in the 2.0 patch, may be encountered during both Joint Operations and as a World Boss in Grayspace. If players bring long-range weapons to the game, they may easily destroy the boss because it is vulnerable to Volt and Physical damage. When battling, be sure to maintain a specific distance. Samir, Claudia, Shiro, Nemesis, and Crow are suggested weapons.

2. Abyssant: Weaver

tower of fantasy abyssant weaver
Image via Level Infinite

Abyssant: The Weaver is near the “Magma” boss area. Players are advised to employ weapons like Meryl, Tsubasa, King, Zero, and Frigg because it is vulnerable to both the Fire and Ice elements.

3. Abyssant: Devourer

tower of fantasy abyssant devourer
Image via Level Infinite

The Abyssant: Devourer is situated near a sizable expanse of deserted sand in the Vera map’s far south. The enormous boss won’t be too difficult to find because it is plainly visible in the sky as it flies about.

Currently, this monster is the most difficult to beat, especially since it must be completed alone. Long-ranged weapons are a must for players since they are the only method to damage the Abyssant Devourer. The weapons Samir and Tsubasa are advised. As the boss flies, Samir and Tsubasa may aim and harm it. Damage done can also be increased by 10% by equipping an additional DPS weapon.

What are your thoughts on our Tower of Fantasy Grayspace guide? Let us know in the comments!

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