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Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update for global version: New regions, simulacra, mounts, and more

Desert and Cyberpunk city to open soon!

Just after its launch less than two weeks ago, Hotta Studio’s Tower of Fantasy global version is already gearing up for its massive 2.0 update introducing some new regions, mounts or vehicles, world bosses, and more! Namely, Vera and Mirroria are the two new regions that are being added with the new ToF 2.0 update for the global version. In this article, we’ll discuss what are the new features that are coming to the world of Aida with the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update.

1. New regions – Vera and Mirroria

Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update, Tower of fantasy vera region
Image via Level Infinite

Not only one but two new regions will be there for the players to explore after the ToF 2.0 update. These two regions are different in terms of aesthetics available in the existing five regions of Aesperia.

Vera is the new area in Tower of Fantasy that is based on a desert theme. Geographically its a bean-shaped area with the gateway to enter Mirroria in the middle of the map.

Major areas in Vera include

  • Magma Lair
  • Billows Valley
  • Evil’s Clutch Oasis
  • Salt Water Oasis
  • Silvercoast Lab
  • Listener Testing Ground
  • Slater Canyon
  • Karst cave
  • Old Mirroria City Grounds
  • Artificial Greens
  • Mirroria Outpost
  • Mirroria
  • Silent Oasis
Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update, tof 2.0 update, tower of fantasy mirroria map
Image via Level Infinite

The blue-coloured shelter in the middle of the Vera is the cyberpunk city called Mirroria (image given above).

2. New Simulacra – Ruby and Lin

Tower of fantasy ruby
Image via Level Infinite

Its very exciting to see new SSR characters making their way to the game. And with the 2.0 update of Tower of Fantasy, Ruby and Lin will be added to the game. Ruby is a female DPS character with fire element while Lin is a female DPS character with Abbertion element. Looking at the Chinese history of the game, both should be available with limited banners only.

3. New Mounts – Desert Rower and Zerboa

Tower of Fantasy desert rower mount
Image via Level Infinite

With the introduction os the new regions, Tower of Fantasy will also introduce new mounts in the game. Although not everything has been revealed as of now, Desert Rower and Zerboa mount has been revealed in the trailer video. Desert Rower is a camel shaped machine and Zerboa is a vehicle mount that mixes small spaceship with a quad bike.

Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update global release date

As of now, only the sneak peek for this update has been revealed. There is no specific date for ToF 2.0 update. However, it is expected that the update will be arriving by the end of September. We’ll update this space as we get to know more about the upcoming update.

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