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Tower of Fantasy 2.0 leaks show Ruby as the first banner, new Relic, and more

Ruby is coming after Cobalt-B

Tower of Fantasy has been eagerly waiting for the upcoming 2.0 update. The game recently had its first major 1.5 Artificial Island update, and the first fire element limited-banner character Cobalt-B is also introduced. And now, recent datamine leaks show what the ToF players can expect from the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update.

Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Ruby leaks: Skills, Matrices, Awakening

From the recent datamine leak, it is confirmed that the next banner (after Cobalt-B) will be none other than the most popular fire-element simulacrum Ruby, the cute little girl with a bunny. Her wepon is known as Sparky from the Chinese translation but from the datamine, it seems the name might have been changed to Spark.

Ruby comes with a decent Shatter of 11.50 and a moderate Charge of 8.00. This is decent enough and Ruby will become the core of a fire-element team. Ruby’s voice lines for JP and EN have also been leaked.

More information regarding Ruby is also surfaced online. Although they are subjected to change, the main thing which the ToF players would love to know is that Ruby will bring Fire resonance. That means if you equip 2 or more fire element characters, the ATK will be increased by +15%. As of now, there have not been a lot of changes that are being noticed from its CN version.

New Hoverboard Relic

A new Misc-type SSR Relic is also found in the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 leaks. The description says, “use the Hoverboard to hover on the ground and quicksand at the cost of endurance. Move forward at a faster speed for a distance when using Hoverboard. Cooldown: 90 seconds”

Tower of Fantasy 2.0 leaks: New equipment, mount parts

The shop also shows new mount parts, and equipment in the ToF 2.0 datamine leaks. While these may or may not arrive in the final version, most of them are probably going to be in the final version.

Suppressors getting an upgrade in ToF 2.0

The max level for Suppressors is getting a new high and that is 8.5. This means, the max CP in the game will also see an increase.

These are everything that has been leaked ahead of the Tower of fantasy 2.0 update. The patch is scheduled to arrive on October 20th and this is going to be a wholesome experience for the ToF players. On the other side, Marc and Bai Yuekui were also leaked earlier, however, the development has confirmed that these special edition characters are not coming anytime soon.

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