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Tower of Fantasy Sandstorm Grounds mini boss locations in Vera region

Fight all the mini-bosses in Sandstorm Grounds

Sandstorm Grounds area was added in Tower of Fantasy as part of the 2.0 Vera region update. This desert area brings a lot of new creatures as mini-bosses that the players will need to hunt to complete the achievement. So this article will list down the coordinates of the mini bosses for the players to find them at the earliest.

Locations of all mini-bosses in Sandstorm Grounds in Tower of Fantasy

The Sandstorm Grounds portion of the map is encircled by a total of 9 mini-bosses. We will provide you with the ideal coordinates to assist you to navigate through your tense encounters with these bosses.

1. Gilded Abela

tower of fantasy gilded abela
Image via Level Infinite
  • Coordinates: (-307.8, -529.4)

Gilded Abela, the first mini boss in the Sandstorm Grounds can be found on the north side of Slater Canyon.

2. Nightwalker Egan

  • Coordinates: (-206.2, -523.6)

East of Slater Canyon is where the Nightwalker Egan spawns. It may be found in the midst of the desert if you move to the east from the previous site.

3. Wildwalker Huggins

  • Coordinates: (-580.1, -497.0)

West of the Gilded Abela is where Wildwalker Huggins, the next mini-boss, may be found. Simply go a few hundred meters to the west to engage in combat with this mini-boss.

4. Desert Bud Buck

tower of fantasy desert bud buck
Image via Level Infinite
  • Coordinates: (-551.6, -129.1)

Players only need to go to Artificial Greens and look for the Desert Bud Buck there since he will be there waiting for them.

5. Dawnwalker Akura

  • Coordinates: (20.0, 0.5)

The Old Mirroria City Grounds and Mirroria Outpost are where you may find Damnwalker Akura, the mini-boss. Just follow the directions above to battle the monster.

6. Void Sting Domino

  • Coordinates: (367.5, 61.8)

The Void Sting Domino is challenging to defeat yet simple to locate. From the last boss location, players must proceed east and kill the scorpion monster.

7. Mithril Babur

tower of fantasy mithril babur
Image via Level Infinite
  • Coordinates: (227.7, 575.8)

In addition to spawning in the Mirroria’s centre, Mithril Babur also spawns south of the Void Sing Domino.

8. Zircosilver Danvers

  • Coordinates: (-399.7, 554.4)

Players must follow the coordinates and go west from the position of Mithril Babur to find the next mini-boss, which is conveniently located to the west of Mirroria.

9. Venomfang Echidna

  • Coordinates: (-620.9, 681.3)

Just west of the Zircosilver Danvers lies the last mini-boss in the Sandstorm Grounds. Kill the last mini-boss by searching for the Venomfang Echidna on Mirroria’s western side.

If you are now done with Sandstorm Grounds, make sure to check out the mini boss locations for Rockpillar Gobby and Quicksand Belt.

Hopefully, you could find all the Sandstorm Grounds mini-bosses in Tower of Fantasy according to our coordinates! Let us know your thoughts in the comment down below!

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