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Tower of Fantasy Quicksand Belt mini boss locations in Vera region

Find all the mini boss

Added in the Tower of fantasy 2.0 update, Quicksand Belt is the lower portion of the Vera region. The area has a total of 10 mini boss or list or targets for the players to clear. In this article, we’ll discuss where the players can find these mini bosses or list of targets in the Quicksand Area of Vera region in Tower of Fantasy.

Location of all Quicksand Belt mini-bosses in Tower of Fantasy

There is a total of 10 mini-bosses around QuickSand Belt. Here are all the locations of the mini-bosses along with their coordinates:

1. Bugie Garrette

tower of fantasy bugie garrette
Image via Level Infinite
  • Coordinates: (204.0, 979.5)

Bugie Garrette, the first mini-boss, spawns just south of Mirroria and is relatively simple to spot. Grab your unique weapons, then defeat the dangerous beast.

2. Venomfang Euryale

  • Coordinates: (294.6, 1223.2)

To the south of the Bugie Garrette is where you’ll find the Venomfang Euryale, a formidable foe that emerges from the sandy desert floor. Take the above-mentioned directions.

3. Sierra Caucasus

  • Coordinates: (-747.5, 1097.3)

To locate Sierra Caucasus, the mini-boss, players must travel to the Silent Oasis and delve far beneath the surface. To defeat the mini-boss, level up your abilities because he can be accompanied by additional foes that are simultaneously hitting you.

4. Green Shoots Baku

tower of fantasy green shoots baku
Image via Level Infinite
  • Coordinates: (-607.1, 1254.7)

As soon as you have the Sierra Caucasus, it is not difficult to locate the Green Shoots Baku. You only need to go south to see this green monster rising.

5. Venomfang Medusa

  • Coordinates: (-394.4, 1327.0)

One of the QuickSand Belt’s toughest mini-bosses to locate is the Venomfang Medusa. Battle it out in this vast desert by carefully following the aforementioned coordinates.

6. Venomfang Stheno

  • Coordinates: (-810.5, 1888.5)

Following the aforementioned locations will help hunters find Venomfang Stheno, the second mini-boss sister of Venomfang Medusa, who is just as lethal as her sibling.

7. Steelclad Fedeler

tower of fantasy steelclad fedelar
Image via Level Infinite
  • Coordinates: (-579.6, 1739.3)

Steelclad Fedeler, the next mini-boss, is located in the Silent Oasis’ southern region. The beast will appear in front of the player after they descend to the desert plain.

8. Queen Bee Rafta

  • Coordinates: (-672.3, 1805.7)

Players must use these coordinates to enter the QuickSand Belt region (-707.6, 1774.3). Then proceed to the area’s bottom where Queen Bee Rafta will be waiting for you.

9. Boom Rock Tungchro

  • Coordinates: (-215.0.6, 1846.2)

Players only need to go south of the QuickSand Belt and use the aforementioned coordinates to discover the Boom Rock Tungchro.

10. Shadow Sting Latal

tower of fantasy shadow skin
Image via Level Infinite
  • Coordinates: (-609.7, 1845.3)

The Scorpion Beast, Shadow Sting Latal, is the last mini-boss in QuickSand Belt. Finding this opponent is challenging since you have to go a great distance to get it south of the Vera Map.

Hopefully, you could find all the mini-bosses according to our coordinates! Let us know your thoughts in the comment down below!

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