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Tower of Fantasy Vera region leaks show initial cinematics, background, and more

Pepper will be welcoming you in the Vera region

Hotta Studio’s Tower of Fantasy just had its 1.5 update and already preparing for its next major 2.0 update. Already announced earlier this month, Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update will be adding plenty of new things including brand new region Vera, new characters, and more. Now, dataminers have leaked a few things that are coming in the ToF 2.0 vera update.

Tower of Fantasy Vera region will continue the storyline

If you have been playing Tower of Fantasy since the first week, then you probably have finished the storyline by now. However, thats not the end. The protagonist, Nemesis (Shirley), and Mi-a will be going to Vera to find Shirley’s brother Zeke. And thats how Vera region will be open to the players to explore.

From the initial cinematics, it is quite evident that the storyline will be unfolding in a nice way introducing the new region as well as the cyberpunk city Mirroria.

Ruby will be arriving with the Tower of Fantasy global version 2.0 update

From the official 2.0 update announcement, players have noticed Ruby and Lin. And now it is fully confirmed that Ruby will be probably the first banner after the ToF 2.0 update arrives in the global version.

Tower of Fantasy vera update, Tower of Fantasy vera leaks
Image via Sova_ToF on Twitter

Other than Ruby’s arrival, there will probably be some new challenge gameplays that are not yet added to the game. It is worth noting that, Lin’s banner will also run sometime around 2.0 update or even before that as she had a lot of appearances in that official trailer as well as in the cinematics of Vera.

Vera ship has been leaked earlier

Other than these, the same leaker has also leaked the Vera ship previously with which the players will travel to this new region. Also if you do not know already, as per leaks Marc and Bai Yuekui are also expected to arrive in the global version of Tower of Fantasy.

What do you think about the Tower of Fantasy Vera region leaks? Let us know in the comments section.

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