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Tower of Fantasy Bygone Phantasm guide: Top 10 tips and tricks

Basic stuff that you might not know

Bygone Phantasm has always been an interesting point for the players at Tower of Fantasy. It puts the overall setup of a character to test and see what’s the effectiveness and how much damage their setup can deal with. Bygone Phantasm also features some good rewards. In this article, we will focus on the top 10 tips and tricks you can follow to get the most out of the bygone phantasm in Tower of Fantasy.

Best tips and tricks for ToF Bygone Phantasm

1) Have shield breakers ready and use them as effectively as possible

During the whole stage, the enemies will go and open their shields. The shield is activated up to 3 times. There are different times when they use the shield. Some enemies will open a shield when 95% of their health is remaining, some will do it at 50% and some uses a shield when their health is critically low. Make sure you use shield breakers to break it and swap back to another weapon to use its special skills and inflict higher damage.

2) Charge weapons before you progress the stages

After finishing a stage and before going to another stage, you should charge your weapon up so you can avail of the weapon swap effect as soon as you need. But this might get hard. One of the ways recommended is to use the following combination: Dash+ attack. The keybinds will vary from platform to platform, but doing so will increase the charge so you can avail the weapon swap effect when needed.

Tower of Fantasy tips and tricks for Bygone Phantasm
Image via Level Infinite

3) Use proper martices

Matrices are quite necessary to make sure your weapon is in tip-top condition and inflicting the best damage it could on enemies. So make sure to tune your weapon accordingly.

Tower of Fantasy tips and tricks for Bygone Phantasm
Image via Level Infinite

4) Focus on enemies with higher HP

Always hit the enemies with higher HP first if you cannot round up the enemies. Since higher HP enemies will take time before you finally slay them down, bigger things are better if handled first. So make sure to hit the higher HP enemies first.

5) Make sure of an equal distribution of damage while performing a serial attack

Sometimes you might fail the stage with few health points left on the enemy because the timer ran out. This happens mostly because of undistributed damage. With distributed damage, every enemy will get hit at a time which decreases the chance of an enemy being left out but with small health points. However, it might get quite hard to follow it. There is no strict law that you must follow it. If you can, you should do it. If you can’t, then no problem.

6) Use upgraded and effective gears

Gears are quite effective in Tower of Fantasy and they keep a big hand on the damage to the character. So make sure you get the best gears to ensure you are at your top level. We have already covered previously the details about gears in a guide.

Tower of Fantasy tips and tricks for Bygone Phantasm
Image via Level Infinite

7) Use Samir’s skills, if possible

Using Samir gives players a good advantage as the special attack of Samir will help you reposition your character while inflicting damage on enemies. Although keep in mind that this specific attack will cost stamina so make sure you don’t forget to increase the stamina before you make yourself. Also, when the special attack of Samir finishes, keep the attack button pressed so Samir can do a final strike down as the attack finishes.

Tower of Fantasy tips and tricks for Bygone Phantasm
Image by Level Infinite

8) Use the ‘missile barrage’ relic

Missile barrage is quite useful during bygone phantasm as it helps to inflict damage without any interruptions and without any kind of delay. The missile barrage automatically sets an enemy as a target and inflicts damage on it. During the final moments, a little increase in damage helps a lot as it might be a difference between passing or failing the stage.

9) Mind the dodge ability

Let’s be honest. There would always be times when you cannot defend or stun the enemy so they don’t inflict damage on you. The same happens in bygone phantasm also. Keep dashing around so the enemies can’t lock on you with high damage.

10) Round up your enemies

gathering all your enemies in one place would be a better option to take considering the fact that most of the special attacks inflict damage on a certain marked area. Get the enemies under the area and execute the attack and ensure they get the most of the damage. Although it might get hard to round them up, but if rounded up, the result is effective.

That’s all the top 10 tips and tricks you need to know to do better in Bygone Phantasm. Hope you have liked our articles. Feel free to go through other articles on Tower of Fantasy CN 2.2 update details and how to get free gifts daily in Tower of Fantasy.

We hope that these tips and tricks for Bygone Phantasm will be useful for you to enjoy the game better. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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