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Tower of Fantasy: how to get free gifts daily

You can grab up to 4 free gifts daily!

Tower of Fantasy is the new action-packed gacha title developed by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite. As the game is being recently released, players are enjoying the game quite well. In spite of some setbacks, the game is still making its way to the top. Tower of Fantasy has a complex currency system and an economy which can be confusing to understand. But the good news for you is, that Tower of Fantasy has a small free gift for you in certain places if you can claim it. In this guide, we will cover the locations and cooldown of the free gift.

Daily Free gifts locations and details

These free gifts can be found in two places in the game.

1. Black Market

Free gifts can be claimed at the Black market once every day. To do so, first, visit the black market and find the character named “Hopkins”.

Tower of Fantasy daily free gift black market
Image via Level Infinite

Hopkins will let you choose from 2 boxes. You can only pick one and pray you got something that’s useful to you. The boxes drop green, blue, and purple colored gifts.

Tower of Fantasy daily free gift black market
Image via Level Infinite

2. Cetus Island

Gifts can also be collected from the Cetus Island claw machine. Firstly, teleport to Cetus Island using the space rift up there. From there, you have to find the machine. The machine is usually near the tent which will have the NPC “Slayer” in front of it.

You’ll get three chances to use the claw to pick up any free gifts. So you’ll have the chance to get 3 free gifts from here. We recommend you to go for the purple colored gifts as they provide the best value. That’s all you need to know about how to claim free gifts in Tower of Fantasy.

What are your thoughts on our free gift guide in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know your thoughts below.

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