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Tower of Fantasy in-depth Gear Guide: Tips to become more powerful

Maximum damage and higher scores!

Gears are quite important in fighting in Tower of Fantasy, be it joint operations or ruins, even just an enemy. With better gears equipped, a player can perform better in terms of fighting, as it helps in many cases such as completing goals, clearing ruins and a lot more. But, how can a player be well-equipped and can do maximum damage? In this article, we will talk in-depth about gears to be more powerful and make maximum damage, thus making players more powerful.

In the guide, we will first talk about several factors, which will have an effect on making the gear setups more efficient. While most of the factors affect finding the right gears, few others are related to properly upgrading. Let us see the factors below and an explanation of them.

Tower of Fantasy in-depth Gear Guide: Factors and explanation to make it powerful

1) Rarity

Rarity is one of the first aspects, that should be mentioned to continue in this guide. At this time, every Tower of Fantasy player knows that the gears are classed, on the basis of rarity. To check it, players should go to the backpack section and press on ‘Equipment’. We will see a table with grids, casing the collected equipment. The background colours of the gears define their rarity, as it ranges from green, which means uncommon, blue which means rare, and purple which means epic. The last one is legendary, which is only seen after Level 50.

Tower of Fantasy Rarities, Rarities Guide
Image via Level Infinite

2) Stats Distribution

Let us look into the stats distribution of different gears. Players must keep in mind that this is quite important to work on, as it leaves a big impact on making high damage on enemies. In this section, it will be divided into 3 categories, on the basis of baseline stats.

  1. Gears with crit: Gloves are the only gear that comes with crit and attack built-in, which makes this gear different and valuable from others. Boots don’t come with crit built-in. However, it is possible to get crits in boots as random stats. These are the 2 gears that can have crit one way or another. The best combination for gloves would be Crit + Attack + Elemental Attack x 2. Boots also follow the same stat line as gloves.
  2. Offensive/ Attack Gears: These are the gears that have attack and HP built-in. This category includes helm, shoulder guards, and bracers.
  3. Defensive Gears: These gears contain resistance and HP built-in. This category includes gear such as combat leggings, combat belts, and combat suits.

For all other gears, they can only roll attack and elemental attack. They cannot roll crit. The best outcome would be an Elemental Attack x3 + Attack. There are also other stats, but they don’t pose major effects like the mentioned ones.

3) Enhancements

Enhancing the weapons makes the increase of base stat line of the gears. After a certain threshold, a bonus effect is added to the gears. The details of that bonus effect can be found under the base stats as “Enhancement unlocks”.

Tower of Fantasy Enhancements Gears Guide, Enhancement Gears
Image via Level Infinite

4) Enhancement Bonus

The enhancement bonus is awarded when all 8 gears are enhanced up to 5 levels. The reward is an increase in the base stat increase.

5) Advancements

Advancements are quite different from enhancements, as it requires crystals and gears to work ahead. Every advancement has an EXP requirement that needs to be fulfilled by either crystals or similar gears. The legendary one takes more EXP to work on for each advancement. For every star, one random stat is boosted. It is possible for the boost to be on the same stat multiple times.

However, this is where it gets ironic. To get the best set, players have to choose the one which will have multiple rolls on useful stats, such as crits, attack, etc. Many players throw away legendary pieces in spite of having good stats as they didn’t get the roll on the thing they wanted. Be sure to select the one which will have the best stat at the end.

6) Experience materials

As players might have noticed, there is an EXP bar that shows up during the advancement screens. One needs to fulfill that EXP bar to process advancements. Advancement points can be filled up using crystals or other gear. However, one must keep in mind that if they are working on helmets, they can only use helmets for that, not any other type of gear.

However, the EXP of the gears will vary on the basis of the rarity. The ones with purple background give 800, the ones with blue background give 200, and the ones with green background give 50. Another way is to use crystals for advancement. The EXP rate also varies for these things. Cluster gives 100 EXP, Crystal chunk gives 20 EXP and Crystal gives 5 EXP.

That’s all you need to know to make the gears more powerful and effective. One must make sure one has an already stable setup, so that they don’t run into the risks of losing a good thing.

What are your thoughts on the in-depth Gear Guide in Tower of Fantasy? Do you think it will make players more powerful? Let us know in the comments below!

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