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Tower of Fantasy 2.2 CN update: Underwater city, new area, new character, and more

A huge update incoming

Tower of Fantasy has been an exciting title for Chinese people and also for people of other countries after the global release. Since its release, the game has developed and gained its place above and progressive. With time going on, developers worked tirelessly to bring out new updates for the game and fix old issues. Recently, the Tower of Fantasy China version has announced an update, widely known as 2.2, which brings in a lot of amazing things and features. So let’s see the details about the Tower of Fantasy CN 2.2 update.

Tower of Fantasy 2.2 CN update features

1. Racing track

With this update, players can now do races in the game. The game offers different modes like solo race and group race. The group race has a limit of 6 players at the same time.

Tower of Fantasy car racing
Image by Level Infinite

2. City expansion

From its first impression, the new city looks like an expansion of Mirroria. The city has a different vibe. Some would say that the city has a vibe of Tokyo or Chinatown. But either case, it’s not a problem as all it matters is to enjoy. It’s quite important to know how to go around in the city as many players have said that it can be confusing as the city is a bit complex. But with the passage of time, one learns and eventually get’s a hang of it.

With the new expansion of the city, now it looks more beautiful and attracts players to explore the city. Looking at the surroundings, the developers did put some good details here and there in the city. Also, now with ray tracing enabled, the city looks marvelous, dazzling with lights.

Tower of Fantasy CN 2.2 update: city expansion
Image via Level Infinite

3. New SSR weapon and character

As we saw in the trailer, it seems that we will see a new face around in the game with a long, sleek weapon with scopes, the sniper-type weapon. The trailer shows that the weapon can be used even without using a scope. And judging from the gameplay, it seems that the damage stats of the weapon would be extraordinary, but nothing can be said surely without any accurate details.

Tower of Fantasy CN 2.2 update
Image via Level Infinite

3. Cooperative mode

Tower of Fantasy seems to have a cooperative mode for the players with a twist. The new mode will be featured under the title “Origins of War”. From the stream details, it seems that there is no limit on how many times a player can join this mode. Players can also join the game with different powerups and also, with friends.

Tower of Fantasy CN 2.2 update: new cooperative mode
Image via Level Infinite

4. New PvP mode

PvP in Tower of Fantasy, as shown in the video is not the exact PvP we see in different games. From the stream, it seems that there will be an option for PvP with a total of 8 players. The mode features different objectives, like gaining as many points as possible, fighting against a monster, and of course fighting with other players.

5. Underwater zone

Underwater zone, roaming around, and doing quests might be a thing now in Tower of Fantasy as we have recently seen a few pictures from the official stream. Although no details have been published yet. Players can’t wait to find out more about this. The official stream of this update can be found here. Feel free to explore more details in the stream.

Tower of Fantasy underwater world, ToF underwater city
Image via Level Infinite

That’s all you need to know about the Tower of Fantasy 2.2 CN update. Hope this article was useful to you. Feel free to check out other articles on how to get free gifts in Tower of Fantasy and an in-depth gear guide of Tower of Fantasy.

What are your thoughts on the in-depth Gear Guide in Tower of Fantasy? Do you think it will make players more powerful? Let us know in the comments below!

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