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Need For Speed Unbound ending explained

In the end it's all about winning.

Need For Speed Unbound doesn’t have the best storyline, but it’s one of the better ones released recently. The game starts by letting you select your first car out of 3 options, whichever car you’ll choose, you will have to play the whole epilogue with it, and ultimately lead to the same ending of the story. There is a vast list of cars available to choose from in the game, which gives a large number of options. However, these options will be available once you have completed the epilogue of the game.

In the early stages of the game, you manage to get your hands on a very fast and stylish ride. However, let’s say due to some unfortunate string of events you lose it shortly to some other rider, a rider you know. Now the whole story is you making your name in the Lakeshore city, defeating rival after rival & at the end participating in the grandest event of all, called The Grand.

Need for speed unbound, NFS, Need for speed.
Image via EA

Need for Speed Unbound: Final mission

The ending race The Grand, is basically an elimination race where in each round the last few riders are eliminated from the race, and you can use different cars in each race as they lose. The race is done in three rounds, in the last round it’s just you and the other two riders left, including the one to which you lost your fast and furious ride in the beginning. In the end, you manage to win the race and get your ride back from that rider.

Need for speed unbound, NFS, Need for speed.
Image via EA

The game while being graphically and visually excellent, does not have an equally good storyline to match with. The story in no sense is bad or unfitting, but the visuals are definitely the better part of the game.

The game is very early, hence it was a non-spoiler review of the ending, if you have just started to play the game, do make sure to check our guide on tips and tricks to keep an eye out for while racing the streets of Lakeshore city with your friends.

What are your thoughts on the ending of the Need for speed unbound? Comment down below!

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