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Need For Speed Unbound: 15 Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Some basics to give you a headstart

The official launch for the much-awaited title, Need For Speed Unbound is out and rolling. This means that the streets of Lakeshore City are there to be raced and explored to one’s heart’s content. NFS, right from the start challenges your driving skills, by testing you against difficult and well-developed AI rivals. At first, you might find the game challenging, but eventually, it’ll grow on you, and you would get the best out of it. However, here are 15 early tips and tricks for Need For Speed Unbound to help you ace the game early doors.

Best Need for speed Unbound tips and tricks

In NFS, the struggle is real, you always have to work your way up to the top, upgrading your ride & experience in the process. However, if you are a newcomer to this franchise, you might find way too many options and intricacies which will leave you overwhelmed to say the least, fear not though, these 15 tips will ease your understanding of the game and provide you with a head-start early on in the game.

1. You can swap cars before going to a meetup event

Need for speed unbound, Need for speed, NFS Unbound
Image via EA

Approaching a meetup event and unsure if your current ride would be enough to seal the deal, you can quickly before going to a meetup, select My Rides section from the option and choose the best ride available from your selection. This helps you to be prepared beforehand.

2. You can enter the garage from any side

To enter the garage in NFS Unbound, it’s not necessary to enter it from entrance only, you can enter it from any side, given that you are in very close proximity to the garage. It comes very handy when you are in cooldown while being in pursuit.

Need for speed unbound wallpaper
Image via EA

3. You can refill your Nos by close missing the parked cars

In NFS Unbound, your NOS gets filled by doing stunts, jumps and close misses, while stunts and jumps depend on the track you are racing on, close misses can easily be done, by driving through the parked cars, which can be easily found all around the Lakeshore City. Nos can easily help you make a great difference in the races, it’s advisable to keep the Nos in check.

4. You can skip the day by getting busted

Probably not the best piece of life advice, but in game, it’s one of the cheats. By getting busted, it helps you to skip a day, which in turn opens up doors to better-paying races and events early on in the game. Money gained through these events should surely help get you an added advantage early on.

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Image via EA

5. Cars from events can’t be sold, but can be purchased at a very discounted price

Cars at an event available to be purchased come at a very discounted price, which would definitely help you save some serious bucks early on in the game. Money saved from this could be later used to upgrade your ride.

6. Leaving the game will not reset your heat or cash

Leaving the game, while you are out of the game, the in-game conditions, such as your heat earned, or money will not reset and you will spawn somewhere in the city. It can also be used to spawn in the city if your far away from it.

Need for speed unbound, NFS unbound
Image via EA

7. Early head-start helps in races

Don’t forget even a one-second delay in the start could drastically change the results of the game. Head-start early on in the game is extremely important, the timing of the launch should be really practiced through and through. Watch out for the timer for perfecting the launch.

8. Repair your ride for maximum payout

You can, while doing the delivery mission repair your car by driving through the repair station, which would repair the car and maximize your payout. This would help you complete the missions with 100% health for which you would be generously remunerated.

Need for speed unbound wallpaper, Need For Speed Unbound tips and tricks
Image via EA

9. Use high ground to shake off your tail

The best way to shake off the cops from your tail is to go to a high-altitude place on the map, even the strongest of heat would fade away, if you go to places like top of containers in the dock or jump the highest ramps and trails. At high heat levels, this tip is extremely useful.

10. Use your Nos in short spurts to maintain your combos in drift and takeover events

While engaged in Drifts and takeover events, make sure to keep tapping your Nos in short stints to maintain a successful combo. This would help you get a time advantage in the events and successfully, complete the races with ease.

11. Burst Nos for sharp turns

Very useful tip, if you’re driving a Lambo in an alleyway, while approaching turns at high-speed use burst Nos while turning to do a sharp turn. This can help you get a clean track bonus, plus also helps in reducing the damages to the car.

Need for speed unbound guide
Image via EA

12. At heat level 11, keep an eye out for undercover cops

At heat 11, undercover cops would appear all over the map in your HUD, make sure to avoid them as they are harder to shake off. Undercover cops have a radar, which can be seen in the maps, avoid them and you would do just fine.

13. You can check the abilities and specialties of cops

Each cop car brings in different qualities/abilities to rival against, hence it’s wise to first go to the cop car section in the guide and check the qualities out beforehand. Knowledge of cop cars can come handy in high level pursuits.

Need for speed unbound, need for speed, NFS unbound tips
Image via EA

14. The higher your heat, faster the cops will spot you

The spotting time will keep on decreasing, as the heat level increases. At heat level 11 & onwards, the spotting time would be very minimal, they will spot you irrespective of your speed. At level 5 & below, you can easily speed past the cops, without getting caught.

15. Turn-off the engine for faster cooldown

Cops are real threats in NFS series, unbound isn’t any exception, cops at high heat level can prove to be extremely dangerous, hence cooldown is a very important aspect you just can’t seem to ignore. Cooldowns work faster when, your engine is off, at low heat levels it might not make much difference, but at a high level it surely does.

Need for speed unbound, need for speed, NFS unbound
Image via EA

So, these were the tips and tricks one need to keep in mind while racing through the streets of Lakeshore City in Need For Speed Unbound. The city is vast with its own rewards and potential races to win, but with it also comes the threat and danger of getting busted by police. All in all, there are huge rewards and opportunities Lakeshore has to offer, if only you know how to redeem them, which through this guide you would be able to.

We would like to thank Crowned on YouTube for many of the tips and tricks.

What are your thoughts on our best tips and tricks for NFS Unbound? Comment down below!

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