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Need for Speed Unbound guide: How to buy cars faster

Variety in terms of rides is something Need for Speed never struggles with.

Need for Speed is known to have a vast variety of cars available at your disposal to select from. Need for Speed Unbound also continues this tradition, with a variety of cars available for you to choose from, from the classical to the modern ones. With everything at your disposal to select from, the question arises, when you can actually select and buy cars. Money is actually a big concern in Need for Speed Unbound, be sure to follow our guide to how to make money quickly in Need for Speed unbound. In spite of having such a long list of cars available, the players in the game won’t be able to purchase the cars right away from the beginning, as you have to progress till a certain point in the story to unlock this feature. Thus, the start of the game is a little challenging, but with our list of 15 tricks, you will be able to boss the game in early proceedings.

Need for speed Unbound screenshot, NFS Unbound, Need for speed.
Image via Electronic Arts

Tips to buy cars faster in Need for Speed Unbound

As the game kicks off, the players are offered 3 options to choose their vehicles from, after the players select the car, they’ll be racing the whole epilogue of Need for Speed Unbound in that same car. The option and freedom to buy a car come only after the epilogue of Need for Speed unbound is over.

In the beginning, do remember not to spend too much money on the cars you will be having, because the reward system in Need for Speed Unbound is pretty progressive, meaning as you’ll progress further and further into the main story, the level of rewards and cash you’ll be winning from races will keep on increasing. If you’ll save money in the beginning, you will have better cars to spend your cash on in the future.

Need for speed Unbound screenshot, NFS Unbound, Need for speed.
Image via EA

There are a lot of cars available in the game for you to race in, but the option to select and buy your favorite one comes once the epilogue is over. Need for speed unbound is even more fun to play, when playing with your friends, do check out our guide on how to play Need for Speed unbound with your friends, to boss the streets of Lakeshore city with your companion.

What are your thoughts on our guide on how to buy cars faster in NFS Unbound? Comment down below!

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