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Need for Speed Unbound: How to get different drifts

Without drift there is no speed and this is need for speed.

Need for Speed Unbound released on 2nd December 2022, has received great early reviews from fans all across the globe, with many praising the game for new in-game visuals & a completely new twist in the Need for Speed series. However, visuals are not just the only feature to be praised in Need for Speed Unbound, a ton of new in-game features are also added in the game, one of them being an all-new drift system.

The controls, in the new game Need for Speed Unbound are slightly different than the ones in the previous games. Hence, while playing it for the first time, users might feel overwhelmed by the number of options available while driving, the same number of options are available in the drifting system of Need for Speed Unbound. In previous titles, drifting was plain and simple with just the use of handbrakes in the game. But with the Need for Speed Unbound, EA has added 4 different drifting options

How to change the drift options in Need for Speed Unbound

The new drift system can be accessed through customized options, which allow you to fine-tune your car in terms of engine, handling, and much more. The drift options are available at the end of the customization menu. Drifts are pretty useful and important aspects of street racing in the Lakeshore city of Need for Speed Unbound, hence the most suitable option should be chosen by the players.

Need for speed Unbound screenshot, NFS Unbound, Need for speed.
Actual in-game footage

Need for Speed Unbound: All 4 drift options

The 4 drift options available for the game are Brake and gas tap, Gas tap, Brake tap & none.

1. Brake and gas tap.

With this option, you can drift by pressing the brake key or by accelerating while turning

2. Brake tap

By choosing this option you can simply drive your ride by pressing the brake key while turning.

3. Gas tap

Gas tap basically allows you to drift by double pressing accelerating buttons, which might come in handy to some players.

4. None

This is the all-time classic Need for speed option, which allows the players to drift by simply pressing the handbrake key on the turns.

Need for speed Unbound screenshot, NFS Unbound, Need for speed.
Actual In-game footage

Drifts are an important aspect of the game, not only do they help to steer the car right mid-game during the races, but also help to restock the Nitro in your ride. This guide would be enough to tailor fit your drifting system to your needs and help get your racing game on point.

What are your thoughts on our guide for the Need for Speed drifting system? Let us know in the comments below!

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