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MU Origin 3: tier list for choosing the best class

Choose the best class and protect the realm

MU Origin 3 is a new MMORPG game from FingerFun Ltd that lets the players explore the vast open world of this game. The game is gaining much popularity due to its realistic and amazing gameplay. There are not so many characters in the game but you have to select the one which suits you. New players can find some difficulty in selecting the classes in the game. In this article, we will rank every classes of MU Origin 3 according to tier rankings for making it easier to choose.

MU Origin 3 class tier list

S (Overpowered)Forbidden Mage
A (Good)The Swordsman
B (Average)Magister
The Fighter
C (Weak)Ranger
Holy Archer

Here is the table of classes classified according to their rankings. The class selection is according to individual preference. If you love and are comfortable in close combat fights there is no other best option other than the Swordsman. However, if you ever love the support role, then there is also an option which is the Holy Archer.

By leveling up and getting advanced in the game you will come to know to unlock the subclasses once you hit P4 on the progression tree but it is a long process so the available options for you are the Swordsman, Archer, and the Magical Mage. You can check our guide to know how you can become powerful in MU Origin 3.

Best classes in MU Origin 3


mu origin 3 swordsman
Image via FingerFun Ltd

Swordsman is the melee combat fighting character present in the game. They perform well in defensive as well as offensive too. And comes with the best possible health conditions and has great strength to disbalance the enemies. It is the perfect class for the newbies because it is perfect in both offense and defense and also comes with two subclasses which are Knight and Fighter.

Magical Mage

mu origin 3 mage
Image via FingerFun Ltd

Mage is a magical character who uses magic and spells to defeat their enemies. The spells are the major reason for the quality of attacks. They also come with the highest DPS level in the game. But you have to be good in positioning battling as because the mage is too fragile and there are small chances of sustaining great damage. The class also comes with two other subclasses which are Forbidden Mage and the Magister.


Archer is a long-range combat character. They are the best choice if you want long-range fights. But the character is fragile and they have to depend on other characters to resist damage. The class also gets divided into two other subclasses which are The Ranger and the Holy Archer.

mu origin 3 archer
Image via FingerFun Ltd

For a beginner and advanced player, the best class of MU Origin 3 is the Swordsman class due to its massive damage impact on the enemies and the health conditions that make the character the best among all other classes. It is totally an all-rounder class.

You can experiment with some of the powerful attacks by combining a decent level of health you can’t lose any battle encounters. This class will make your walkthrough much easier and more efficient.

If you are starting new, make sure to check our beginners guide and best mounts list in MU Origin 3 to get a head start.

What are your thoughts on our tier list of all the classes in MU Origin 3? Comment down below!

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