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Click Deity tier list for choosing the best heroes

Know more about all the heroes!

Developed by DH-Games, Click Deity is an action tapping game. In this game, there are many levels you have to clear with your heroes by defeating enemies in each levels. You have to compete with different kinds of monsters and gods and rise to the challenges. There are many different types of heroes present in the game, which might make it tricky for the players to choose the best characters. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed tier list of Click Deity by ranking all the heroes.

Click Deity hero tier list

  • S Tier: There is no other better characters than this one. This tier consists of the best heroes present in the game. These characters can make you win everytime.
  • A Tier: Not good as the S tier but a great alternative to S tier characters. They are very useful if you don’t have much S tier characters.
  • B Tier: These characters are not so much good as compared to the A tier characters but if you are in a mid game territory, then this heroes will work out for you.
  • C Tier: These are the characters you can use at the beginning of the game. 
  • D Tier: These are the most weakest and useless characters in the game.
click deity, heroes
Image Via DH-Games
S tierSamaragdusSamaragdus 
A tierPenelope
B tierIcarus
C tierEros
D tierMedusa

This is the total character tier list of Click Deity. As the game is a beta version many characters had not launched. We will be updating the page when the game will be launching new heroes.

Click Deity meta discussion

Here is a list of the strongest heroes available in Click Deity right now.

1) Samaragdus (LVL 110)

  • HP- 40M
  • PHY ATk- 128k
  • MAG ATK- 130k
  • AS- 1000
  • PHY Crit- 0
  • MAG Crit- 0
  • AR- 600
click deity, Samaragdus
Image Via DH-Games

This is the most important and main character present in the game. It is the only hero which have talents and special moves. In a battlefield, if this hero dies you will fail in that stage. He have both the abilities of a warrior and a mage.

2) Penelope (LVL 166)

  • PHY ATK- 113k
  • PHY Crit- 1250
  • AS- 970
  • AR- 200
click deity, penelope
Image Via DH-Games

A warrior who can permanently increase her self basic attacks and critical hits. It is one of the most powerful warriors present in the game, Due to her skill moves, she makes place in some of the best heroes.

3) Pandora (LVL 138)

  • MAG ATK- 456k
  • MAG Crit- 500
  • AS- 980
  • AR- 400
click deity, pandora
Image Via DH-Games

Pandora, the best mage present in the game. She can use her special mage abilities to clear down the enemies and increase the critical hit ranges. She heavily damages her enemies.

These are some of the best heroes in tha game. If you got them all, upgrade them as much as you can. Upgrading them will be very beneficial as because they will be more powerful and their attacks will be dangerous.

Did this guide help you to know more about heroes in Click Diety? Let us know in the comment below!

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