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KartRider: Drift item tier list for choosing the best items

Use the best items to win smoothly

KartRider: Drift is a free-to-play kart racing game developed by Nexon that can be played across several platforms. The first game in the KartRider brand was released in 2004, and since then, it has amassed an incredible amount of popularity among casual players. The gameplay incorporates elements that are similar to those seen in Mario Kart. The game is available for PC and mobile platforms. KartRider: Drift features objects called items that can be picked up as power-ups. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed tier list by ranking all the items available in the game.

KartRider: Drift item tier list

Players can pick up these items, providing them with powerups in the Item Mode in KartRider: Drift. Items spawn as a blue box in the middle of the track that the players races. Players can only find the items’ ability after they pick them up. Each item can boost the players or grant them the ability to sabotage others. Here is a tier list ranking all the items in KartRider: Drift.

kart rider drift item
Image via Nexon
TierOffensive ItemSupport Item
S-Tier (Overpowered)BarricadeNitrous
A-Tier (Strong)MissileShield
B-Tier (Good)Banana
Angel Shield
C-Tier (Average)ThunderboltEMP Wave
D-Tier (Weak)UFOLock

KartRider: Drift item meta-discussion

Offensive item


Within the Item mode, the most effective offensive item that can be used is the Barricade. This item is accessible in both solo and team play. This power-up may be used to put a halt to the kart that is currently in first position. When you use this power-up, three barriers will be activated in front of the race leader to either stop them or slow them down. However, these obstacles can also hit you and your teammates if no one else gets hit by them before you.


Because of its beneficial capacity to prevent other karts from advancing, the Missiles item accessible in KartRider: Drift is a highly effective offensive weapon that you may utilize. Players will focus their missile attack on a single target when activating this talent. This ability is highly helpful in preventing opponents from getting too far ahead of you by stopping and slowing them down. After gaining access to this power-up, players need to aim and target this at the kart that they want to slow down or stop.

kartrider drift screenshot
Image via Nexon

Support item


Nitrous is the most helpful equipment in every racing game, including KartRider: Drift, and this holds across the board. Players that want to acquire an advantage over the other racers who are racing against them might utilize this item to do so. Players have the ability to utilize the nitrous to pass other racers and increase their speed to go farther ahead of the competition.


The shield is an item that may be used for defense and is accessible in the item mode for both solo and duo play. When used by a player, this item will prevent other items other players use from impacting the player for a certain time. A barrier will be created around the player by the item. When the player is the target of an offensive ability, the screen will briefly go black; it is the most effective time to use this item and to protect yourself from getting hit or slowed down.

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