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Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing character tier list for choosing the best character

Know more about the characters!

Developed by Game Hive Corporation, Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing is a fast-paced, multiplayer racing game that combines action and adventure elements. The game is played online, with players competing against each other in real-time races. In this Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing tier List guide, we will provide you with every detail of all the characters present in the game.

Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing tier list

SRyder, Khalida, Gachapan

Moonmoon, Phantom, Violet, Molly, Macie, Celia
BBoss Joe, Dust

These are the total number of characters present in the game for now. We would keep updating the page as soon as more characters are launched in the game.

Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing meta description

1. Ryder

battle run multiplayer racing, ryder
Image Via Game Hive Corporation

This is the best character present in the game. He hails from the volcano islands of Maui and represents his tribe and their warrior spirit.

Special Moves

  • Ride the Volcano
  • Split Shot
  • Overdrive
  • Heatwave
  • Quick Recovery
  • Deadeye Mega Chompa
  • Leg Day

2. Gachapan

battle run multiplayer racing, gachapan
Image Via Game Hive Corporation

Gachapan is a 200 IQ Panda who is insecure about his body size. By observing the runners in the Battle Run, it decided to join the battle run to prove its ultimate body form which can beat anyone in the game.

Special Moves

  • Bamboozle
  • Scatter Mine
  • Momentum
  • Nanobot Shells
  • Skilled
  • Berserker Axe Flurry
  • Leg day

3. Violet

battle run multiplayer racing, violet
Image Via Game Hive Corporation

Violet is a streamer on Tweetch and a member of POGGERS crew. She is also the number-one streamer in the world. You can select her as an alternative to UR runners.

Special Moves

  • Neon Wings
  • Overdrive
  • Hi-Voltage
  • Quick Recovery
  • Scatter Shot
  • Leg Day

Did this guide help you to know more about characters in Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing? Let us know in the comment below!

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