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MU Origin 3 guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

Become the strongest warrior

MU Origin 3 is an open-world MMORPG game by FingerFun that provides players with a chance to explore a real and larger world. The world is cruel and too much dangerous and this game takes it to the next level with several unique features to explore the big and vast maps. In this article, we will provide the best tips, tricks, and strategies needed for beginners to start their journey on MU Origin 3.

MU Origin 3 combat system guide

In MU Origin 3, players need to select from the three customizable classes to fight their enemies and defend the mortal realm. The game features a vast open world that includes mysterious underwater cities to towering mountains. Check our detailed class guide for more information.

Players will dive into the fantasy world and fight their enemies with their legendary weapons. The game features different kinds of fights including player vs player, player vs environment, or guild vs guild. Players can also jump into server wars along with their allies to capture various cities for rewards.

mu origin 3 gameplay
Image via FingerFun Ltd

At the beginner level, the game comes up with a tutorial on the basic gameplay which will make you understand the terms and how to proceed, and what quests you have to complete to unlock further things. The game is an open-world game. After the tutorial on beginner things, you have the complete freedom to travel around the open world map.

Players can also upgrade their skills and unlock new skills to make their moves more effective. Gears can also be enhanced to with the help of coins and blessing crystals for better performance. The game also features special partners for players who are called Mounts. Mounts can be made by the walking partners if players are bored during their travel. Check our best mounts list to get the best out of the mounts.

MU Origin 3 also features an alliance system where players can form an alliance with their friends in the game. The costumes of the characters can also be customized as per the choice of the players.

Introduction to all the classes in MU Origin 3

The game begins with the selection of the characters with which you will start your journey. You have to allocate the tabs in which you can auto-allocate the points for the levels. There are a total of three categories that are different from one another which include the point’s accuracy level, physical attack, and the maximum HP.


Swordsman is perfect for melee combats. They are skilled in defense area and offense too. They come up with the best HP and strength against their enemies. If you want to defeat all the monsters and provide the best protection, the swordsman will be the perfect selection of class for you.

mu origin 3 swordsman
Image via FingerFun Ltd

The class will be further divided into two subclasses which include the Knight who is the master of defense, attack, and damage reduction, and on the other hand, comes the Fighter who is perfect for damaging the opponents.


Mage characters use magic against their enemies and cast powerful spells against them. The spells are the major attacks and reason to defeat all their enemies. They usually come with the highest DPS level. But you have to know that the class will be somehow fragile, so it is recommended to have full control over your enemies to ensure your health otherwise it can lead to opposite actions.

mu origin 3 mage
Image via FingerFun Ltd

Mages are also divided into further subclasses which is the Forbidden Mage who is the strongest arcane and can control the whole game and on the other hand comes the Magister who is best in unleashing some great amount of damage with a constant DPS to the game.


It is a perfect class that loves to combat from long ranges. They have the highest learning curve among other classes but the only con among them is that they are fragile and they have to depend on other characters to resist damage.

mu origin 3 archer
Image via FingerFun Ltd

They have to get assistance to be alive throughout the game. This class also gets divided into more subclasses which are the Ranger who is very much flexible and can make fearsome attacks and on the other hand comes the Holy Archer who is the best for support and healing and can also provide you with some sorts of magic DPS.

Best tips, tricks, and strategies for MU Origin 3

1. Select your best character hero

As mentioned above, the selection of the characters and heroes in the game is very much essential for smooth progress. You are now aware of the characters present in the game and can select your best-class hero according to your playstyle according to the above discussions.

2. Position your hero in your comfortable spot

Every hero has pros and cons. Swordsmen like close combat so you can charge up the enemies but on the other hand comes the mages and archers who need good positioning for attacking their enemies.

3. Upgrade the gears and use

As long as your journey is, it is recommended to upgrade the gears which you have collected. It is because upgraded gears can be your lifesaver. It becomes much more efficient and you can have an easy to deal with your enemies.

4. Donate the old gears

You can donate your old gear to the other players who are in need of the gear. You can earn resources from that too.

5. Complete your quests and objectives

mu origin 3 side quest
Image via FingerFun Ltd

By completing the quests and objectives you will level up in the game and helps you to unlock more things in the game.

So that’s all for the beginner guide to MU Origin 3. It is recommended to follow every point mentioned in this article to get a headstart with a basic understanding. if you are aiming to become more powerful, make sure to check out this guide.

What do you think about our beginner’s guide on MU Origin 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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