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Click Deity guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

Know more about the game!

Developed by DH-Games, Click Deity is an action tapping game. In this game, there are many levels you have to clear with your heroes by defeating enemies in each levels. You have to compete with different kinds of monsters and gods and rise to the challenges. If you are new to this game, then this Click Deity Beginners Guide will help you out to make your walkthrough efficient and faster.

Gameplay Overview

In this game, tapping is the main thing you have to do throughout the game. Faster taps equals to more levels cleared. You can fight with 50+ heroes in the same screen and defeat each and everyone. You also have to go through and plan your territory and upgrade your lord level too. This game will bring you an ultra-casual game experience. Just hang on and improve!

Click Deity, gameplay
Image by DH-Games

Attack monsters first in Click Deity

You will meet many enemies which you have to defeat. It is recommended to attack the monsters fast by tapping early as possible. You will observe the red bar above the monster which representes the HP. If you don’t attack first, the monsters will attack first and then you may loose your HP rapidly. So, by fast tapping you can defeat the enemy with less loss of HP and progress faster throughout the levels.

Click Deity: Summoning heroes

You can go to the market and summon your heroes. There are total 2 types of summoning. The Mystic and the Advanced one. From the Advanced summoning, you can get more common items and heroes. From the Mystic summoning, you can get epic heroes with more chances. Here are the drop rates of the following summoning.

Advanced Summon

You need an advanced summon roll for summoning from here. And for 10X Summon, you need 1500 diamonds.

Drop rates of the following summon:

  • Advancement Stone- 30:25%
  • Advancement Stone- 50:15%
  • Advancement Stone- 70:10%
  • Epic Hero- 1:30%
  • Legendary Hero- 1:1%
  • Legendary Equipment- 1:2%
  • Epic Accessory- 1:2%
  • Mythical Equipment- 1:0.1% 
  • Artifact- 1:14.9
Click Deity, summon
Image Via DH-Games

Mystic Summon

You need an mystic summon roll for summoning from here. And for 10X Summon, you need 10 mystic summon rolls.

Drop rates of the following summon:

  • Advancement Stone- 90:4%
  • Advancement Stone- 150:4%
  • Advancement Stone- 210:5%
  • Epic Hero- 1:45%
  • Legendary Hero- 1:10%
  • Mythical Equipment or an Accessory- 1:2%
  • Artifact- 1:30%

Click Deity: Market

You can go to the market option to buy some resources. It is a great option to speed up your walkthrough. From the pass, you can get the basic rewards but to get the higher rewards, you need to upgrade the pass. You may require real money to buy resources. From here, you can also summon some of the epic heroes present in the game. You can aslo buy the resources by using Diamonds.

Click Deity: Important in-game features

  • Advanced Summon Rolls- It is used to summon from the Advanced Summon to obtain resources or heroes.
  • Mystic Summon Rolls- It is used to summon from the Mystic Summon to obtain resources or heroes. 
  • Stardust- These resources are used to but artifacts and refresh them.
  • Deluxe Resourse Chest- These are used to take wheat, iron ores, and stones worth an hour.
  • Coins: It is the primary currency in the game in which you can upgrade all of your heroes inn the game.

Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

1. Don’t forget to claim the login rewards

It is recommended to login each and every day and claim the login rewards which are comparatively great source of resource present in the game. You can claim the summon rolls too.

2. Check your backpack more often

As you are a beginner, it is recommended to check your backpack more often as because there can be present many useful resources which you can use in the game to make your walkthrough more faster than ever. There can be equipments too which you can equip on your hero.

3. Summon as much as possible

It is recommended to summon as much as you can. As because more heroes will give you an advantage on the battle field. If you have more heroes present, you can defeat the enemy much faster and proceed to the next levels.

4. Upgrade the heroes rapidly

Click Deity, hero upgrade
Image Via DH-Games

It is recommended to upgrade their heroes as because it will increase their levels and attacking power. So, you can defeat any monster at a faster rate.

5. Use the dungeon

It is a great place to defeat more monsters and earn more rewards and resources. There are many floors which consists of one particular monster. If you defeat, you would be rewarded. These are more stong monsters present in the game.

6. Upgrade the Manor

With the complete resources, you can upgrade your Manor. The advantage you will get is the Civilian Level. There are certain upgrades which are enhanced on the heroes after upgrading the lord. You can also have your special attack slot.

Did this guide help you to know more about Click Deity? Let us know in the comment below!

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