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Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

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Developed by Game Hive Corporation, Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing is a fast-paced, multiplayer racing game that combines action and adventure elements. The game is played online, with players competing against each other in real-time races. In this Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing Beginners Guide, we will go over the basics of the game with some of the best tips and tricks.

Gameplay Overview

Players compete against real opponents on various tracks with obstacles and power-ups scattered throughout. During the race, you must control your character by tapping the upper arrow to jump through the obstacles and equip the powerups. The powerups can range from speed boosts, invincibility, projectile attacks, and other helpful items against opponents.

battle run multiplayer racing, gameplay
Image Via Game Hive Corporation

You can only hold one powerup at a time, and the powerup is used by pressing the corresponding button on the screen. You will also encounter obstacles, like spikes, bombs and many more, that slow player down or take away from their boost meter. At the end of the race, the player who finishes first is declared the winner and earns points and rewards.

Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing: Select the in-game character

There are many characters to select, and each has a particular rarity. At first, you need to select a runner among three runners at the start of the game. Then you have to progress and earn the necessary resource, Diamonds, to unlock new runners. Each runner has specific skills and stats. There are a total of 2 types of runners: UR and SR. UR runners are superior to SR runners.

battle run multiplayer racing, characters
Image Via Game Hive Corporation

Battle Run: Multiplayer Runner: Pets

Along with the runners, you can get a pet to help your runner to be more comfortable. They can assist you and help you with many sorts of things or completing quests. There are a total of 4 pets present in the game:

battle run multiplayer racing, pets
Image Via Game Hive Corporation
  • Munch: This pet can be used to collect stars. It eats the stars and helps you to gain the power up more quickly.
  • Hermes: It reduces the effect of Slowpads and also generates bonus stars while you remain in contact with them.
  • Mushy: It will allow you to have a triple jump to cross over the opponents.
  • Shirudo: It deploys a barrier which absorbs all the harmful effects on your character. It generally protects the character from different powerups used by other opponents.

Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

1. Equip powerups

While racing, it is recommended to equip the powerups after collecting the stars. It is your special move which will help you to gain speed or eliminate opponents. You also have separate powerups, which you can see while racing.

2. Jumping at the edge gives you boosts

While racing, if you make your character jump from the edge of the cliff, your character will gain some speed which can be beneficial to overtake other opponents.

3. Collect Dimensional Dices

You can go to the shop section and watch the ads. You will be rewarded 1000 Dimensional Dices after watching four ads. You can use them to unlock special characters present in the game.

4. Powerup stays longer if you hit other opponents

While racing, if you are done with collecting stars and are on the verge of using your character’s special powerup. If you use and hit other opponents, it stays a bit longer than expected. It also applies to the powerups which you obtain during the race.

5. Fill the powerup meter more quickly

To fill the powerup meter more quickly, you need to collect the bigger stars in the game while racing. The bigger stars help to fill the meter more quickly, and thus you can use your special powerup more quickly.

6. Use the powerups carefully

It is recommended to use the powerups carefully because if you use them correctly, they can eliminate all racers or even give you the extra boost to finish the race first. But if your timing is wrong, opponents can use the same powerups and eliminate you. So, you can also use pets to make your race easier and more efficient.

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