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SYNCED: Off-planet guide: best tips, tricks and strategies for beginners

Tips to become the best runner!

SYNC: Off-planet is a post-apocalyptic rogue-like shooter game set in the world of Meridien. The game is developed by NeXT Studios and is currently in its open beta stage. Even though the game is still under production, it has gathered a fair share of interest from the fans. This SYNCED beginners guide will discuss everything you need to know to get started with the game. You can also check our SYNCED: Off-planet tier list for finding the ranking of the runners.

SYNCED Gameplay modes

There are currently two game modes available in SYNCED: Off-planet.


The PvE or Player Versus Environment game mode is where the players will have to fight against CPU-controlled enemies. It is similar to a campaign mode. The players must embark on a journey deep into the surge-infected territory.

synced nano
Image via NeXT Studio

The surge refers to the takeover of the world by the Nanos. There is a Tyrant Class Nano in the middle of each surge-infected area. The main objective of this mode is to fight against enemy Nanos and kill the Tyrant Class Nano.


The PvP or the Player Versus Player game mode requires the players to fight against other players in the server and the AI enemies simultaneously. Players will have to select one of the six runners available and start on their journey.

The main objective of this game mode is to collect as much Nerva as the players can. In this game mode, the players can play with a team of three or solo. The team that collects the most Nerva during a specific time will be the winner.

synced gameplay
Image via NeXT Studio

Since the players have to compete against each other to collect Nerva, they can also fight among each other and take Nervas collected by their enemies after they have successfully defeated them. This game mode works similarly to the battle royale but cannot be fully termed a battle royale. The players will have three respawn during the whole match.

Master the runner which suits your playstyle

There are six different runners available in SYNCED for the players to choose from. Each of the runners has unique abilities and perks. These make them suitable for different types of playstyles.

It is ideal for learning multiple runners so you can play the role your team needs. Each runner’s abilities and perks are ideal for specific scenarios and playstyle. Not all runners can be played in the same way.

synced dr stone
Image via NeXT Studio

So it is important to select the runner which suits your gameplay the most. The six runners are:

  • Deadcut
  • Glory
  • Dr Stone
  • Ragna
  • Park
  • Layla

Select your companion

The players or runners can also bring companions with them on the battlefield. The players will have to sync with the Nanos to use four companions in the game. Once a nano is defeated, it can be synced by the runner with a special thing attached to their arm.

synced companion
Image via NeXT Studio

After they are synced, the Nanos will turn into companion Nanos and help the runners in their battle. The four types of Nanos are:

  • Crusher
  • Suppressor
  • Guardian
  • Seer

List of all weapons in SYNCED

There are four weapons available in SYNC as of the moment the guide is being prepared. However, the developers are expected to slowly add more weapons to the game as the game develops. For now, the available weapons are:

  • The Future (AR)
  • Dragoon Rifle (SR)
  • Pig Noose (Shotgun)
  • The Enforcer (SMG)

Best tips and tricks for beginners in SYNCED

  1. Upgrade your weapons, which will increase the damage stats of the guns you use and help you win more gunfights.
  2. Test your key bindings according to your preference. Players can customize their key bindings and set them up according to their settings. Key bindings are important, as they can make the game easier and more comfortable for players.
  3. Using the abilities wisely is important in SYNCED. Each runner has a unique ability that complements a different playstyle than others.

What are your thoughts on the beginner guide of SYNCED? Let us know in the comments!

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