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SYNCED: Off-planet tier list for choosing the best runner

All the runners ranked!

SYNCED is a rogue-like shooter game developed by NeXT Studio, where the players will have to team up to fight against deadly techno creatures called Nano. The game is set in a sealed exclusion zone called the Meridien. The game has both PvE and PvP modes where the players will have to play as characters called ‘Runners’. Each runner has a unique ability that complements a different playstyle. The players must select the best-suited runner in their battle against the Nanos. This article will briefly introduce all the Super People classes and rank them according to theirĀ tier.

SYNCED tier list: All characters ranked according to their strengths

There are six runners present in SYNCED: Off-planet. We have ranked the best runners in SYNCED according to their strengths and abilities.

6. Park

Park’s main ability gives him the power to deploy chain bombs that damage the enemies. This ability makes him a good choice for long-range bomb attacks.

Park’s Bloody Bullets abilities generate ammo from weak point hits or chain bomb kills. His Steady Hands reduces recoil during an LMG spray.

synced park
Image via NeXT Studio

5. Deadcut

Deadcut is a runner who uses the fire grenade as his main ability. The grenade bounces, creates a burning area, and damages all enemies in the radius. This ability makes him useful in mid to long-range combats.

Deadcut’s perks are Dragon Breath which allows the last bullet in the magazine to deal fire infliction. The Hot Wheel increases Deadcut’s movement speed when under fire.

synced deadcut
Image via NeXT Studio

4. Layla

Layla’s ability allows her to be invisible for a short time. However, attacking while being invisible will break her invisibility. This makes her a useful runner to sneak behind enemy lines and perform surprise attacks.

Her Healing Blade perk allows her to restore health when she performs a melee kill. The Blood Rush perk will increase her movement speed for a short period while taking damage.

synced layla
Image via NeXT Studio

3. Glory

Glory is a useful runner who can help facilitate the team’s movement around the map, thanks to her Smoke Bomb ability, which creates a poison gas and blinds the enemy runners.

Her Sight Lines perk highlights enemy runners spotted in sniper rifle scope and also marks enemy runners through the smoke. Her Tracker perk increases nano weak point damage and shooting runners will tag them.

synced glory
Image via NeXT Studio

2. Dr. Stone

Dr Stone is a helpful support runner who can help the team to heal and automatically revive inside the healing radius using his Healer’s Aura ability.

His Combat Medic allows him to heal or revive teammates faster. His Medical Marvel perk allows him to recover more health using medkits or revive teammates.

synced dr stone
Image via NeXT Studio

1. Ragna

Ragna is a runner who can detect enemies from stunned Nanos. It makes her a useful runner who can gather valuable recon for the team during a fight.

Her Death Defier perk allows her to recover health after killing the prime Nanos or enemy runners. He can also detect enemy runners in close range with her Sick Sense perk.

synced ragna
Image via NeXT Studio

What do you think about ranking all the runners in SYNCED: Off-planet? Let us know in the comments!

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