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MU Origin 3 guide: Tips to become more powerful

Make your character power powerful

Since MU Origin released its third saga, the game is gaining popularity for its amazing and realistic action gameplay. MU Origin 3 is an MMORPG game that will provide you a chance to explore a real and larger world including not the safest place anywhere. New players can find it difficult to become powerful which might disturb their walkthrough. In this guide, we will provide all the necessary tips and tricks to become more powerful in MU Origin 3. However, if you are new to the game, make sure to check our beginner’s guide and tier list for MU Origin 3.

Tips to become powerful in MU Origins 3

1. Go through the storyline

Image via FingerFun Ltd

By going through the storyline of MU Origins 3, you can gain experience which will help your character to level up and to become much more powerful. You can easily tap on the quest to proceed throughout the storyline.

2. Fight with solo bosses

mu origin 3 boss
Image via FingerFun Ltd

By going through the storyline, you have to defeat the solo bosses. Defeating the solo bosses is part of the main storyline which makes it more interesting with the action cut scenes. You can gain a lot of experience by defeating them and leveling up fastly. You will also get rewarded with the gears and other items.

3. Equip the best gears

mu origin 3 gears
Image via FingerFun Ltd

You can make your character further strong by equipping the best gears. This will enhance your health and make some strongest moves to defeat your enemies.

4. Use fodge to strengthen the gears

mu origin 3 strentghen gears
Image via FingerFun Ltd

There is also an option available which is the fodge. You can enhance your gears to make it more strong with the help of some coins and diamonds. It also makes the gears glow referring to the maximum levels. By upgrading the gears you can be much more powerful.

5. Upgrade the skills

mu origin 3 upgrade skills
Image via FingerFun Ltd

You can go to the skill section to upgrade all of your skills which can make your attacks more powerful. For upgrading the skills you need coins and some items. By proceeding more in the game, you will further unlock the talent and potential upgrade. From there you can upgrade your character more and make it stronger than ever.

6. Clear the events

mu origin 3 event
Image via FingerFun Ltd

You can clear the event section from which you will be gaining experience and some best equipment. By gaining experience you can level up and with the help of the equipment, you can make your character more strong.

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